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 cause if I told the truth, I will always be free [open]

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PostSubject: cause if I told the truth, I will always be free [open]   Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:25 pm

Fern didn't know what she was doing anymore. She found herself just wandering around camp at times. She'd go to places she didn't normally go to around camp. Would she talk to anyone though? Of course not. She was Fern. And Fern was not the first person you'd talk to to start your day off right. People knew her as the mean girl on campus, and she didn't blame them for not talking to her.

Today, Fern wanted to go to the library for some odd reason. Even though reading frustrated her, she was just in the mood to try. It didn't hurt to try something different. She wasn't a fan of reading because she preferred picture. Photography was her passion, but she couldn't find inspiration. She didn't know what to take pictures of, and if she did, it was the same thing over and over again. The fire inside her had burned out. Fern didn't even know if she could get a simple flame to come back, she had no willpower to do anything.

Fern walked into the library as it was starting to get dark outside. It was a bit empty since curfew was nearing, but she didn't care. She picked up a book from the fiction section and found a table in the back with someone already sitting at it. "Do you mind if I sit here?" She quietly and politely asked. The last thing she wanted to do was bother someone else.

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cause if I told the truth, I will always be free [open]
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