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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 Harmony- Character Ready for Approval

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PostSubject: Harmony- Character Ready for Approval   Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:10 am

Name: Harmony M. Smith

Age/Birthday: 18/April 8th, 1998

Gender: Female

God Parent: Apollo, God of Music, poetry, art, medicine, truth, knowledge, oracle, archery, light and the sun

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: Melissa(mother), Arthur(maternal brother), and Daniel(maternal brother)

Years in Camp: 5

Brief History: Harmony is the daughter of Apollo and Melissa Drake, her mother owned a music shop and enjoyed singing in her free time. Melissa married a mortal named Ernie Smith and he treated Harmony as if she were his own daughter. Because both of her brothers were loud, extroverted, and into sports they tended to outshine her, she would be quiet, introverted, and sing in her middle school choir. Her ADHD almost got her kicked out of a few schools when they thought she was cheating, but her mother proved that Harmony never cheated.

She was found by a protector when she was 12 a month away from 13 and taken to Camp Half-Blood. It took 3 in a half weeks for them to get from northwest Indiana to the camp, she spent her first four days at Camp Half-Blood continually hiding in the shadows. When she was claimed the Apollo cabin welcomed her with open arms, it took a little while for her to get comfortable enough to show her true personality but once she did she felt at home.

Physical Appearance: Harmony has dark/light brown hair(changes in the sunlight) that ends around her shoulders and is usually in a ponytail. Her mother always told her she got her father's brown eyes, she has a small nose, and full pink lips. Depending on the time of year she'll wear a black jacket with her everyday outfit, a camp half-blood t-shirt(changed out for a crop top during the summer), denim jeans(changed out for high waisted denim shorts during the summer), and grey tennis shoes with white laces. She usually wears black treble clef, gold sun, and faux diamond stud earrings(she has three earing holes), a silver pentacle necklace and her camp bead necklace.

Personality: When with strangers she is very quiet and shy. Harmony won't make eye contact and will be very quiet if/when she speaks. Once she becomes your friend she'll become a total dork, very goofy, kinda loud, loyal to a fault, and very protective.

Fatal Flaw: Low self-esteem, since she was in her brothers shadows most of her life she never really had a lot of responsibility put on her. When making an important decision she'll fiddle with her options until it's too late and when given the spotlight by herself she'll crumble under the pressure.

Pets: A tame wolf that she saved from poachers when she was a pup. Harmony named the wolf Moonstone because of her silver fur and bright blue eyes.

Talents: She can hypnotize people with her music and bend light(to a degree).

Weapons: A brown leather set of bow and arrow and that can turn into a small lyre or brown bass guitar with a strap.

Year-Round or Summer: Year Round

Other:She is a terrible runner and falls in love way to easily. She also LOVES her aunt Artemis and thinks she is super cool.
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PostSubject: Re: Harmony- Character Ready for Approval   Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:53 pm

Accepted! Welcome to CHB!!! I'm Bean, please feel free to message me if you need anything!

"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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Harmony- Character Ready for Approval
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