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 alone [open]

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PostSubject: alone [open]   Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:39 pm

Amara preferred summer over winter any day. She loved the humid air, it made camp feel cozy and as close to home as it could get. The strawberry fields was one of her favorite places in summer because of the fruity scents of the strawberries. No one knew she came here, she preferred to just think every once in a while. She was always so busy training, cleaning up the cabin, and going off campus to help her brother to just relax for a few minutes. These were the moments she enjoyed the most.

The sun was starting to sink towards the hill; the sky filled with beautiful pinks, reds, yellows, purples, and blues. It looked like something someone painted. No one was around the strawberry fields when she arrived. There was occasional Demeter camper, but other than that it was pretty quiet. She preferred to be alone when she thought, but she wouldn't mind some company right now.

Amara was trying to look for a usual spot in the fields, but for some reason she couldn't find it. Had it been that long since she came here last? She tried to think of the last time she came here, a few months ago when her brother had gotten in trouble, and she was trying to think of a way to bail him out. After a few more minutes of counting the rows of strawberries, she found her spot. With a dazzling smile, she walked up to it when she noticed someone else sitting there. Her smile faded a bit, but she wouldn't let this other demigod to bother her. "Oh sorry. I didn't know this spot was taken." She said, trying to make it look like she arrived by accident. Amara, however, was really praying to her father that the camper would either get up and leave or let her sit there with them. She needed her spot right now, just to think.

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alone [open]
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