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 first day meal [open]

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PostSubject: first day meal [open]   Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:34 am


Areum Gi Joo
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Arriving at camp was a rush for Areum. She was claimed when she stepped foot onto the camp, and she was rushed to her cabin and of course she got changed and went to sleep. It was fast and she couldn't wait for the next day. She of course dreamed about making all these new friends and having a blast at camp, she was learning how to control her powers and everything was going good. She would wake up an everything she dreamed of will come true.

Finally the morning came and she was super excited. She took a nice warm shower and she got ready for the day. She put on her camp half blood shirt and some jeans. Of course she was going to represent camp on the first day. She looked around and she tried her best to get someone to help her. "Um excuse me?" was all she said as people in the cabin walked passed her and had other things to do. Of course one of them just threw a map at her to find the places herself. She sighed a bit annoyed that no one would help her so of course she followed the map to the mess hall. She was hungry, so her first meal at camp was going to be fun.

She walked in and got in line and she got herself some fruit and then she got some bacon, and eggs. She walked over to a table not knowing at all that some tables were for cabins, or some tables were taken by cabins because that's just how everything is. She walked over to go grab her juice and she came back and her food was being consumed by some Ares kids. "Uhh that was my plate." she said politely and all she heard was a growl. She just stood there and bit her lip "Didn't you hear me say that was my plate?" she said louder. The guy just laughed at her. Areum knew how to control herslef, but this was getting out of hand.

She looked at her juice about to pour it on the boy, until someone stopped her. She turned her head "What are you doing?" she asked the stranger and she brought her juice down to her side. The stranger just nodded their head no, as if she couldn't handle the guy. This was not how this day was supposed to be at all, nothing like her dream. She then rolled her eyes and grabbed exactly what she got and sat down at a table where it was just one person there. She didn't ask to join because at this moment she didn't give a damn.

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PostSubject: Re: first day meal [open]   Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:34 pm

Genevieve Warwick
| To say that Genevieve had grown within the last year and a half at camp would be both true and false. Literally, the demigod had not grown at all. She still stood at 5'2", her personality adding a few more inches on particularly bad days. However, figuratively, Gen had found her element (literally). Time at camp allowed her to focus her energy into improving herself as a fighter and as a leader. She wasn't out ordering armies or anything, but the girl did teach a class or two on elemental control. Long dead was the odd and meek Cordelia Warwick. She had drown, and Genevieve had washed up on shore.

She had found friendship in like-minded people: those who believed in fighting for what you believe in and were not shy about their opinions. Genevieve was a force to be reckoned with and admired. Most days the demigod felt smugly untouchable, but not today. Her alarm hadn't gone off (or maybe it had - the hangover made it difficult to tell). She hadn't meant to stay up with her friends that late, but midnight had rolled into four in the morning. Each step felt like a weight pressing her further and further down.

As she grabbed an apple, pancakes and a bagel from the line the demigod promised herself never to touch alcohol again. Genevieve also told herself never to challenge her bulky friend Ryan to a drinking match again. Oh - lights hurt to look at. The teenager took a seat at Cabin Two's table by herself and got to eating her food. If she was lucky, she wouldn't be bothered.

She was spreading cream cheese on her bagel when someone angrily sat next to her. Upon a dark-eyed glance, the demigod realized this was the camp's newest member. Gen couldn't recall her name, but guessing by the altercation on cabin five's table, something had gone amiss. "They didn't offer to give you a tour?" Gen asked sarcastically, taking a bite of her bagel. "Strange, cabin five is always so friendly." Normally the teenager wouldn't be so rude, but she had been hoping to avoid a breakfast with company.
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first day meal [open]
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