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 clumsy, misty mornings || open

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PostSubject: clumsy, misty mornings || open    Thu Nov 17, 2016 4:48 pm

Ethan Stark
| Summer's warm embrace had abandoned Camp Half Blood a long time ago. Once bright, easy mornings had slowly become slower and colder. The size of camp had shrunk from its normal size to a handful of campers in each cabin. Ethan didn't mind though. Back at home he worked early in the mornings no matter the temperature or weather. There were no excuses, no reasons to avoid the inevitable. 'Suck it up and get stuff done'. That's what his family members would say on the especially bitter, sunless mornings.

Ethan had inherited his mortal family's devotion to work and determination to improve. He had not, however, inherited their love of people. Holidays at the Stark house were always packed with loud conversation and delicious meals. Everything was horribly crowded, and his family loved it. Ethan did not. He found comfort in solace. Silence gave him time and space to think. People just amplified everything to a new, almost itchy level.

This is why the son of Zeus almost always trained alone. Today that meant sneaking out to the climbing wall just as the sun was rising. He hoped to see the full sunrise at the top, if he was lucky enough to make it there. It had to be a brisk forty five degrees, if that, but Ethan was clad in a thin sweatshirt and gym shorts. The Midwest had granted him thick skin, it seemed (or perhaps he just didn't enjoy feeling his fingers).

He began his ascent slowly, reaching for handhold after handhold, dodging incoming debris from time to time. Ethan felt no rush when he knew no one was around. Everything was going smoothly until he heard a snap below him - or was that a hint of conversation? Was someone coming? He sharply turned his head to see the source of the noise, only to loose his balance and come tumbling down to the ground.  

The demigod hadn't been more than ten feet off of the ground, but landing on his arse was not pain-free. He stayed there for a moment in his fallen position, silently swearing - he was definitely going to be feeling that tomorrow. Ethan sat upright, taking the chance to glance at whoever had been making the noise. "Morning," he greeted, groaning as he got back to his feet.
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clumsy, misty mornings || open
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