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 hold back the river || open

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PostSubject: hold back the river || open   Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:14 am

Genevieve Warwick
| North America was so very different from the sandy shores of the Caribbean she was raised in. Humidity didn't exist here, but neither did the same sense of adventure she had felt whilst travelling with her father. The demigod often smiled at the memory, so familiar and yet so far away. Genevieve knew her father wouldn't be able to recognize her now, without her dresses, long hair, and quiet demeanor, even if he was alive. Times had not only changed the customs, phrases, and well everything about teenagers, but it had also changed Gen. She couldn't go back, no matter how much she missed those she had let sink in the shipwreck a few hundred years ago.

After being in camp for about a year, she had nearly fully adjusted to modern life. Gen wore skinny jeans and leather jackets without care, and had even chopped her hair so it stopped just before her shoulders. Cordelia had drown in the ocean, and Genevieve was here to stay. She hadn't told many of her friends about her past life. It wasn't something she was comfortable discussing, and she hated answering questions about it (partly because she didn't have many answers herself).

Gen's powers had also become more manageable over the past year. Before arriving at camp she couldn't control water to save her life, but now she was a regular water bender. The demigod often came to the Zephyros Creek to perfect her abilities, mostly because it was out of the way of the average camper. While Genevieve had adjusted to modern people, she still didn't care for them interrupting her practice.

Water zipped around her fingertips from the stream, flowing along the expanse of her arm, never fully touching the fabric of her shirt. Water tendrils son engulfed both of her arms before she sent them coursing at a nearby tree. Her dark eyes light up with happiness. She was finally beginning to figure herself out.
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hold back the river || open
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