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 you shouldn't be fighting on your own [private]

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PostSubject: you shouldn't be fighting on your own [private]   Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:48 pm

Sutton did something she didn't normally do. She slept in. She still could barely get a full night's sleep, but last night was different for some reason. She didn't have any nightmares, so she sleep peacefully. Sutton took advantage of the situation and slept as much as she could. Lately, the most amount of sleep she could get was three to four hours. She did everything she could, but nothing seemed to be working. She just had to wait until the nightmares finally went away.

Sutton wasn't sure how Cress was. She hadn't seen her and Daniel in a few weeks. They were probably off about to get married or something since they were so in love. She missed Cress, and she didn't know where Charles was. She was by herself. She was used to it by now. She had spent the lasts seven years at camp mostly by herself. It felt weird in a good way to have friends, but now that they were gone she didn't know what to do. To her, it was a weird feeling to have.

The sun was shining bright in the sky, and people were in the courtyard playing games. Sutton walked, practically stumbled, into the Mess Hall with her pajamas still on and her hair a curly mess. She wasn't sure what time it was, but she knew it was definitely past breakfast. She still felt asleep and tired even though she'd almost gotten nine hours of sleep. Sutton grabbed the first things she saw and walked over to a table. What she didn't realize was she was at the wrong table.

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PostSubject: Re: you shouldn't be fighting on your own [private]   Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:34 pm

Cormac MaCallister
| Events at the infirmary over the summer had been a complete roller coaster. The beginning of summer was fine - quite almost (the calm before the storm, perhaps?). Then came the bloodbath on Half Blood Hill that had sent all of camp into chaos, especially the infirmary. Cal, having worked many a season at the makeshift hospital, had just been promoted to one of the head nurses. He didn't sleep for days following the attack (not because he couldn't). As the injured demigods from the hill began to heal things quieted down, and now that summer was almost over the only invalids in the infirmary were those with training injuries or bloody noses. Cal was grateful for it, too.

However quite the hospital was, it still needed to be under constant supervision, which was the son of Apollo's main job. He was the organizer of shifts and the main substitute if someone decided not to show up. This particular morning the demigod had just finished a twelve hour shift, and was hanging out with his fellow healers on one of cabin seven's main tables. Apple cores and syrupy plates cluttered the table, leftover from the healers' messy breakfast. Cal loved taking with his coworkers (Alexis, half sibling; Paula, from cabin four; Beau from cabin six; James from cabin ten), but he was exhausted.

If not for the cough and head bob James had made towards the newcomer at their table, Cal wouldn't have noticed the arrival. "Oh, morning," the demigod said with a nod. The girl seemed to have just woken from bed, and while Cal didn't know her by name, she looked familiar. "Don't worry, you can sit with us," he added reassuringly, despite the silence from the other demigods.
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you shouldn't be fighting on your own [private]
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