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 Leonard and his nightmares

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PostSubject: Leonard and his nightmares   Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:47 pm

Name: Leonard Hallows
Age/Birthday: 17
Gender: Male
God Parent: Hecate
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Gwen (Step-mom) and Cole Hallows
Years in Camp: 2
Brief History: He was raised by the high-ranking noble family of Hallows until he was 13 and officially an adult, to where he was abandoned, as he was the product of a scandal on his father's part, he wasn't abandoned until he was an adult because his family wished to avoid legal issues. Since he was a child, his true mother, Hecate subtly mentored him to use his affinity with the mist, in order to prepare him for the outside world. He also trained in fencing extensively, at the request of his godly parent, which he uses in combat to surprising effect. He uses his skills in alchemy, as well, a science he was always interested in as a child and that he took training of during his summers and on several special courses, teaching him of the art, with which he eventually learned how to craft deadly poisons and hallucinatory drugs after simply a few years of solitude, surrounded by hostiles, while accompanied with his mist manipulation creates terrifying illusions and hallucinations. On his own, Leonard refined his skills in fencing and with the poisons he manufactured, eventually reaching Camp Half-Blood, a place where he could catch his breath and relax for once in several years, He has been living there for a while now, befriending all he can and forging alliances left and right, using his charms. Leonard's mind has been damaged from all of those years of solitude, and now he craves attention, but not just the attention of everyone, he wishes to be remembered for centuries after his death, the result of which, he anxiously waits for a war to break out, the kind where his intellect and power would pull the demigods through tough times, and he will be recognized as being worthy of immortality, just as Percy Jackson has.

Physical Appearance: Leonard is noticeably handsome, a trait he utilizes to the utmost effect. He has a lean, but well-toned body underneath his fancy clothing. he has smooth and neatly styled hair black hair, he wears fancy white gloves, a surprisingly flexible tuxedo and supremely dark-blue jeans. He is never seen without his cane which holds one of various gemstones the size of fists, which he uses as leverage for his strikes. His cane has a small spike to dig into the ground or combat and poison his foes. He has a relatively small nose, amber-colored eyes, and an evenly rounded head.

Personality: Leonard is an immensely manipulative man who has no real boundaries to stop him from getting something he wants. Years of being alone and fighting monsters alone has given him a twisted view of reality, as he enjoys harming his foes and exploiting their worst fears. Upon first meeting him, he comes off as charming and friendly, as he is attempting to win you over to his side by being polite and by aiding those in need, wearing a persona of kindness and sympathy. He truthfully wishes to prove himself to the gods by leading the demigods to victory in some way shape or form, as a result, he secretly desires another war to break out.
Fatal Flaw: Pride (He believes in his abilities even if he is outmatched in a fight, and as a result, he can get reckless when he has the upper hand.)
Pets: none
Talents: Fencing, agility, broad knowledge of survival, Alchemy, Mist manipulation
Weapons: Hehr Recht (Sublime Justice) At first appearance, a cane with a small pointed tip made of Celestial Bronze that is usually in the ground while the handle is near the gem on the topside, doubles as a reinforced needle used for the sole purpose of administering his poisons and hallucinatory drugs. The alternating jewels on the top are actually disguised vials that contain different poisons, the round red "gem", the most common, administers a powerful hallucinogen that, coupled with mist, can create a whole world of nightmares if Leonard focuses hard enough. The Cubic green "gem" contains a chemical that is made of trace amounts of celestial Bronze, this is often used against monsters to destroy them quickly. The Jagged Blue "gem" has tranquilizer, and is often used by him in matched where he doesn't wish to kill his opponent, such as in the camp grounds, where murder seems frowned upon. The mushroom-like yellow gem contains simple poison, capable of killing a normal human within 2 days of administering, symptoms of this poison include: Feverlike headache the next day, Chicken-pox like spots on their arms and legs, and falling unconscious multiple times throughout the day, on the final day, their movement is limited and they often die in their sleep. The cure is easily created and can even be cured by Ambrosia.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
Other: His weapon has a hand guard and is styled with fake gemstones simply for aesthetic reasons, he has a sense of style that he needs to look like a leader at all times and he recognizes the importance of appearances. In the nightmare world he can create with his drugs and mist manipulation, he often uses an entity he calls Nightmare to torment his foes, Nightmare takes the appearance of an enormous shadowy beast with glaring red searchlight eyes, enormous razor-sharp claws that can smother most foes, it also has razor sharp claws and can change shape, but it normally takes the shape of the victim's closest friend or family member.
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PostSubject: Re: Leonard and his nightmares   Tue Jun 28, 2016 11:41 am

pending! please check your pm's!!
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Leonard and his nightmares
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