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 don't let me down [open]

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PostSubject: don't let me down [open]   Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:28 pm

Fern couldn't sleep lately. She didn't know why, something was just bothering her. She couldn't tell if it was her parent's deaths that were making her restless or if was something else like the disappearance of Nate. Gods she missed him so much. The one person that understood her so well had to disappear. That's what she got for getting close to someone again. She promised herself she would never do that again, she didn't want to see someone she loved get hurt again. She could handle just about anything else but emotional pain. Physical pain? Sure, she could handle that whether it was cutting a limb off, getting shot, or stabbed with a sword. Those could heal. Emotional pain was completely different. She was weak in that sense.

Fern would think about what happened over and over again. Eventually, she'd start to blame herself, and then, lastly she became numb. She wouldn't feel anything for a while until a few weeks later all she felt was anger. That's what happened the when her parents died. At least with Nate, there was a small chance he was still alive. There was a little bit of hope somewhere in her, but she managed to keep it hidden. She knew he wasn't coming back. Training was her only way to calm herself down and get her anger down. It was an excuse to hurt someone without really getting in trouble.

Fern was practicing with the bow and arrow, a new weapon she decided to try out, but it didn't seem to be hitting anywhere near the target. She was starting to get frustrated. She'd been trying for a few hours already, and there was no improvement. She had skipped breakfast and lunch to practice. She'd woken up around four-ish and had been practicing since then. She was pale and ad dark circles around her eyes from lack of sleep and not eating as much. It looked like she was about to pass out, and she was running on fumes. She could feel someone's eyes on her, and Fern turned around to see someone watching her. "Could you not watch me? I'm stressed enough as it is." If it was any other day, that would've came out angrily with a threat, but right now Fern didn't have the energy to do that.

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don't let me down [open]
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