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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 The wielder of the Godslayers

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PostSubject: The wielder of the Godslayers   Wed Jun 22, 2016 7:47 pm

Name: Neil Anlon
Age/Birthday: 18
Gender: Male
God Parent: Pluto
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: His family was entirely boring and tried to keep his heritage a secret but he found out easily, The Anlon family is a simple family and wasn't entirely sure what Pluto was or why Neil was so powerful.
Years in Camp: 7
Brief History: Neil grew up largely a loner, unsurprising for a son of Hades, he discovered he could cause terrible things with his heritage, he found his way to Camp Jupiter and after a year of living peacefully there and training with his skills and his superb knifework, he was an incredible opponent with his abilities, until accidentally killing a fawn who had befriended him, wracked with grief and quite honestly bored with his abilities, as opponents fell to him too easily, he swore to remove the unfair advantage and the accursed abilities he was born with. His research eventually led to his discovery of the "God Slayers", twin daggers with imperial gold hand guards that were cursed to reject all forms of magic, and was sealed away in the recesses of Camp Jupiter, he led a heist, successfully stealing the weapons and escaping the camp. Now outfitted with the weapons, he dedicated his life to the art of combat and battling on even grounds, ever since then, after using the weapons for so long, he himself developed a complete disconnection from magic in any form, making him immune to charmspeak, and other hexes, which he uses regularly to defeat hexxing witches or rogue Aphrodite children. He now wanders from place to place, slaughtering opponents and occasionally helping Demigods on dangerous quests, simply searching for challenge and danger, he heard of mighty warriors at Camp Half-Blood, and has been seeking it out ever since.
Physical Appearance: He stands at 5'9" and looks thin at first glance but is actually well-toned. His skin has a red tint from constant travel. His hands are incredibly tough from constant battle, and he has a slightly crooked nose. His whole body is peppered with scars from battle and his head is long with a pointy chin as well, his hair is a severely dark brown.
Personality: He often acts as though he is a noble warrior and values battles of pure skill, he is always looking for a good challenge and openly hunts down monsters for nothing other than the thrill of battle. He is obsessed with combat, and the more challenging the fight, the more twisted and sadistic he becomes as the battle progresses. Outside of battle, he challenges those he dislikes and defends the weak, due to his sense of duty to his old friend, and respects bravery and is skilled at sensing the skill and overall ability of those he fights. He often threatens cowards for no other reason than for them to grow stronger so he may fight them in the future. If he narrowly wins a battle, he may spare his foe so they may grow stronger than him.
Fatal Flaw: Lust for battle/Recklessness
Pets: none
Talents: Immense combat skill, immunity to curses or spells, ability to disable enchantments and magical attacks.
Weapons: The twin daggers "The Godslayers", capable of negating magic such as reanimation or charmspeak. The cost of using these weapons is cutting off the users connections to their natural abilities from their parents, as a result, he can no longer
Year-Round or Summer: He would live there year round just to hone his skills, if given the chance.
Other: He is very proud of his scars and his respect is easily won by these kinds of battle scars.
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PostSubject: Re: The wielder of the Godslayers   Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:09 am

sorry for the wait! your character is pending! please check your pm's!!
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The wielder of the Godslayers
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