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 everything was grey [private]

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PostSubject: everything was grey [private]   Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:41 am

my eyes are black and red

Ashton sat by the river with her feet dangling in the water as she hugged her knees to her chest. Her head was throbbing, and her body felt slightly weak. The daughter of Hades had been clean for over a year and she still struggled with the negative effects of what she had once let her life become. Ashton's road to recovery had been successful, but it still pained her sometimes, when she had bad withdrawals. During these withdrawals, she liked to come out into the forest and find a secluded, hidden spot to ride everything out.
Today wasn't a bad day, necessarily, but Ashton had felt pretty steady in her recovery for a very extended period of time, and she had kind of hoped the worst was over. Of course this was naive thinking. Ashton couldn't truly return from the hole she had dug for herself at such a young age. She was okay, her life was normal, but these episodes made her really hate herself.
The sound of footsteps drew Ashton out of her poignant daze and she glanced back quickly. "Hello?" she called, eyes scanning the path that lead to her spot. When she spotted a boy, her eyebrows shot up. [color:f8ab=db7093]"I didn't know anyone else ever came back here," Ashton mused, motioning to the patch of grass framed by trees and creek, almost completely hidden except for the path formed by years of treading. "Come here often?"
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everything was grey [private]
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