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 practice makes perfect | sapphire

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PostSubject: practice makes perfect | sapphire   Mon Apr 25, 2016 3:24 pm

trace finch

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trace lets out a small sigh as he enters the archery arena, he hasn't stepped foot in the arena for ages and he's finally decided that he needs to stop putting off practice. of course he's still capable of shooting an arrow, he's just not sure how well he can hit the target. in hind sight, he probably should have kept up with practice but he's never been able to escape the feeling that children with weapons isn't natural. needless to say, the next time there's any sort of battle he'll be running in the opposite direction.

heaving his bow over his shoulder, he makes his way to the farthest target and begins setting up. after dropping his quiver on the ground he takes a few deep breathes before turning to face the target. letting out another small sigh, trace lifts his bow and notches an arrow. squinting he lines the bow up and after a few seconds he pulls back on the string, letting the arrow sail through the air. he can't help but squeeze his eyes shut as he waits for it to make it's mark. after a few minutes, when he's sure the arrow must have hit the target he slowly opens his eyes.

the arrow has hit the target alright, the only problem is it's way outside of the rings. he might as well have missed the target altogether! he's wants to just pack up and leave before he embarrasses himself any more, but he's not a quitter. he will make a bullseye, and he's not giving up. gritting his teeth he notches another arrow as he raises his bow.

after several hours of shooting arrow after arrow at the target, and only coming close to a bullseye a handful of times, trace finally sets his bow down. sitting down on the ground, he reaches for a bottle of water and takes a large sip of it. he then takes a moment to look aroun the archery range, he's the only one left which means he's either missing a meal or no one wants to be around the crazy person. assuming the latter is true he lets out a laugh as he makes his way to his feet.

just as he's getting ready to face the target again, he notices someone standing between him and his target. "excuse me"he calls out, his voice cracking. "You're sort of in the way"he explains as he motions towards them, squinting to make out their appearance.

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PostSubject: Re: practice makes perfect | sapphire   Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:52 am

For someone with a crossbow, Robin still sucked at hitting her targets. Although, that may be because handling weapons in general caused her discomfort. If she had to choose between fight and flight, her answer would always be flight. But that wasn't usually the case in a world full of monsters. Something was always bound to corner you in the end and in that case, Robin had to be ready.

Chiron, for all his wisdom, thought it would improve her aim greatly by practicing with the regular bow and arrow instead of her regular weapon. Robin thought it was a stupid idea. But she did it anyway, because the alternative was dish duties for a week.

She came in late - as planned - when there was barely anyone left. Shouldering the bow she had been lent for these sessions, she moved to one of the targets, one that was at least ten yards from the nearest camper. It took her a few seconds to set up - which consisted mainly of dropping her bag by her feet and slinging the quiver around her shoulder. When she was ready she notched an arrow and took aim, squinting with one eye, and let the arrow fly.

Twang! The bowstring whipped her arm, sending her into a stream of yelps. The bow dropped to the ground as she rubbed the sore spot that was beginning to redden. Oh well, she thought. At least I hit the target -

But Robin looked up and realized that her arrow was nowhere near the target she was aiming at. It landed yards away, at the ground by another boy's target.


Sighing, she walked over to retrieve the arrow. She had only just picked it up when -

"Excuse me. You're sort of in the way."

Robin scrambled upright. "Oh! Sorry! I'm way off target, haha."

Smiling, she stepped aside, giving the boy a wide area to practice. She made a dash back to her usual spot, far enough not to hear anything from the boy unless he shouted. She didn't want to disturb him. She notched the arrow again but this time she didn't aim - her eyes wandered to the boy, waiting to see how well he did.
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practice makes perfect | sapphire
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