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 boulders and lava, oh my [private]

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PostSubject: boulders and lava, oh my [private]   Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:45 am

From all the experiences Robin has had with the climbing wall, you would have thought she'd ace it by now. But nope.

Robin clung on for dear life, her feet swinging wildly in an attempt to find footholds, her slippery hands gripping the jutting rocks so tightly that it hurt. Beads of sweat ran down the side of her head, plastering the stray hair to her face like glue. Her breaths came in ragged gasps. She could vaguely hear other shoes scraping the wall from all directions, to her left and right, above and below - her fellow campers all facing the same struggle. Occasionally boulders would roll down, missing campers by inches. Sometimes it was the boiling lava that caught them off-guard. A small part of Robin wondered, as she hoisted herself a few more feet, how on earth this training would help them survive. It wasn't like they were going to scale volcanoes in their free time, was it?

She looked up and groaned. She wasn't even halfway up. Grabbing another rock she pushed onwards, filling her head with optimistic thoughts. It was just another thing to climb, she kept telling herself. She thought of all the trees and fences she had scaled so easily. She thought of her mother, the goddess of luck, who might be watching over her. Sure, Robin might have fallen a couple of times, might have broken various bones doing it, but those were all in the past. This time will be different. This time, she will make it to the top in one piece.

Not going to be easy though. Especially when a boulder came rolling down her way.

With a hoarse shout she moved to the right and pressed herself against the wall. Inches away, she heard the wind rush past, the deafening crunches as the rock grazed the wall. When it was gone, she sighed and stepped on a foothold to steady herself...

Huh. It seemed softer than she was used to. She looked down.

It was someone else's hand.
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boulders and lava, oh my [private]
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