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 Maria Kristina's Character [Adam Anthony Grisham-RFA]

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PostSubject: Maria Kristina's Character [Adam Anthony Grisham-RFA]   Sat Mar 12, 2016 5:12 am

Name: Adam Anthony Grisham

Age/ Birthday: 19/ May 31

Gender: Male

God Parent: Apollo

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: Nana (Grandmother) Stella and Luna (twin younger siblings) Patricia (Mother)

Years in Camp: 4 years

Brief History:
He lived in London since he was 8, thus the accent. They transferred to Manhattan when his mother was offered a better job with much better pay. He hated it, of course, but they could really use the money especially now that his twin siblings are growing up. He never met their father, his mother will usually say that he’s a jerk. Well, he left them so he assumes that it’s true. But his mother is not like that when it comes to his own father. When he was younger Adam would always hear the stories of how they met, the places they went and the truth about him. He loved it but never really believed it, growing up he just thought he was just a guy working overseas and probably doesn’t know him. But when his bullies come around especially when can’t read much when he was younger due to dyslexia, he thought of his father, like he’s a superhero who will save him.
Living in Manhattan for him was the same each day- school, homework, play with the twins and help Nana with the food. The last part is his favorite, when he grows up he even wants to be a chef. It was that one fateful day when he went out to run an errand for her mother when he first saw a hellhound and tried to attack him. Luckily, a satyr was on duty at that time. He was brought into Camp Half blood and the rest as they say is history.
Physical Appearance:
He has black hair same as his mother and an inquisitive, Carribbean Sea eyes, so rich in color that people usually ask where he got his contacts as if his wearing one. He had the beginning of wrinkle in his forehead born of thought and concentration from years of reflection most people are spared until later age. He’s tall, not that skinny with long, lean muscles down his arms, broad but relaxed shoulders, and a smile that was part playful, part seductive. Adam also has a birthmark near his heart shaped like a cross which he always thought of a lucky charm.
He’s a guy with very small circle of friends but trust each of them wholly with his life. He’s smart, funny and can be very sensitive. People usually say he’s mysterious but he’s just more of a listener rather a talker. He likes to observe, the way people gets nervous when lying, the thunder when it hits the ground and even the sound of the rain when it’s about to stop.
Fatal Flaw. He has this tendency to rely and depend on his close friends too much, aside from that he trust people way too easily.  

Pets. None

Talents. He is a natural athlete and a born artist. He can play the piano and the guitar as taught by her Nana.

Weapons. Bow and arrow

Year Round or Summer: Year Round
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PostSubject: Re: Maria Kristina's Character [Adam Anthony Grisham-RFA]   Sat Mar 12, 2016 5:30 am

Thank you for adding in the personality section! Adam Grisham is approved! :)

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here is my thanks to the monster
who DIDN'T succeed in swallowing me alive.

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Maria Kristina's Character [Adam Anthony Grisham-RFA]
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