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 Siblings are the best? [open]

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PostSubject: Siblings are the best? [open]   Tue Jan 12, 2016 6:07 pm

Jian Jun Hong
i'm supposed to punch you in the face

Ares kids were always outside training and trying to get better, bigger, and stronger. They always wanted to fight each other, that almost everyday there was something broken in this cabin. They would always schedule fights with each other trying to prove they were better than each other. Yes, there were sibling rivals in the Ares cabin. It was quiet annoying to Jian, but hey he couldn't blame them it was their father. Jian would wake up to arguing and sometimes he would have to step in and stops before someone was dead inside the cabin.

However, today Jian was woken up by a crash. Jian sat up quickly and startled. He looked around and he heard people yelling at each other. Jian, put a shirt on and walked over to see it was two guys arguing.  A vase was broken, again and they looked like they had just woken up. Jian sighed rolling his eyes. Another fight..yay. he said in his head. Jian walked over yawing and he grabbed one of the guys and yanked him off of the other boy. "What the Hades J.J. Stay out of this!" the one her yanked off said. Jian chuckled "You guys fight almost every morning. Why can't you just take this out side!" Jian said.

The boys looked at each other. And they stuck their tongue at Jian. yes they were both fourteen years old. "You guys that was so last year! It's like this." Jian made a face with his teeth sticking out and they both laughed. "Now go outside and train." The boys laughed and ran outside ready to train. "I should get an award." Jian said. He turned around and someone was behind hima nd he bumped into that person "Whoa. Sorry." he said. Jian walked around that person. It was kind of weird the person was just standing there right behind him.

but i can't stop laughing

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Siblings are the best? [open]
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