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 this is not a dream -- private

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PostSubject: this is not a dream -- private    Sun Oct 25, 2015 5:06 pm

Genevieve Warwick
| Genevieve was constantly amazed by modern technology. It bothered her that life had become so easy. Running water, air conditioning, fast food? All of those things, and more, made life simpler. All the campers and their parents had no idea what it was really like to struggle for survival. She could feel the angry sea spray on her face from all the storms she had experienced. Granted, Genevieve had been an entirely different person back then, but she still remembered. She had flashbacks, and they always seemed awfully realistic. If the demigod closed her eyes she could feel the sun on her face, the sand on her toes. If she closed her eyes her father was still alive and she still knew who she was.

Deep down the teenager knew she couldn't complain. Women had so many more rights in this century; she could have a future by herself if she wanted to. Life was better, but it was certainly more confusing for her. Her clothing was the first thing to change, then her speech, but she was still working on that. Then there was the history she missed. The whole 'United States of America' thing was hard to digest. She was working on it, and that implied she spent several hours a week in the library - like today.

Her roommate, Danielle, had lent her most of her clothes. Today Genevieve sported a cream colored, long sleeved sweater, blue jeans, a plaid scarf and black converse. Her dress allowed her to blend into the crowd and avoid awkward questions. The demigod had been asked so many unanswerable questions over the past few months, it was nuts. "Did you see the baseball game last week?" No, she didn't; Gen wasn't even sure what baseball was. "Have you heard this new album? I love it!" No, she hadn't; she was still adjusting to modern culture, and it was going to take her a long time before she felt comfortable.

Now  she was wandering around the bookshelves, looking for a specific book. She would ask the magical box, but Genevieve wasn't good with computers. She also would've asked the librarian, but her pride told her not to. So she continued wandering, and continued to find nothing. More minutes past until she knew she was being stupid. Exhaling, her dark eyes glanced over the library until she found the most nonthreatening person she could, deciding he would help her. Walking up to him she asked, "Could you find this for me?" Genevieve held out a ripped piece of paper with 'A Short History of the World' scribbled on it.
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this is not a dream -- private
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