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 The Death of a Legend

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Jason Venti

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PostSubject: The Death of a Legend    Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:29 pm

Many years after the Great Awakening, a group of young legionnaires stand around around a newly constructed Statue in the center of New Rome. It depicts a youthful Praetor, his cape billowing in the wind. Over his shoulder the head of a massive dragon can be seen and grasped in each of his hands is a sword immortalized in Imperial Gold.

The Centurion turns to address his charges. "This. This is how a legend died." He began, having taken the group to this very statue multiple times over the last few months. The story of the Praetor who led Rome into her darkest times and sacrificed his own life to ensure the survival of all those who followed him into the dark is well known throughout Rome and will forever be remembered. .This was the legend of the Son of the Pit.

~~~6 Years Earlier~~~

War. War always comes with a heavy price on the hearts of those involved. This time war found the Greeks first, dealing a swift and lethal blow. They stood no chance, their legends having passed into the underworld long ago. Very few made it out from the ashes of that doomed camp. Only the combined might of those survivors and the Legion of Romans who rushed to their aid saved those pitiful few who survived the initial destruction. It was as if a wind had blown through and obliterated the camp, the massive body count and burning structures stood as an everlasting monument to the failure of the Gods.

So it was that the forces of evil turned and locked their sights on the next and much bigger threat to their impending victory, Camp Jupiter. In recent years the Camp had become a vicious force to be reckoned with under the leadership of their new Praetor; one who was possibly the most powerful Demigod to walk this planet. He alone forged a weapon of flesh and imperial gold out of a legion that had barely survived the attack of Gaea. He taught them the weaknesses of the Dark and reminded them of what it meant to be Roman. Their duty, honor, and battle tested resolve. Some said he had even descended from Olympus itself, however such a tale could not be farther from the truth. You see, this boy was not your average Demigod. He was born to be a weapon that would tear Olympus apart. He was created in the most evil place in existence, and was thrown to the fire of torment. It was from these fires that a Warrior was forged, one who sought revenge against the very beings who created him. It was from this fire that Jason Venti, the Legend of Rome and Son of Tartarus, was born. And it was this boy who saved the world from the Darkness.

He stood out on the Field of Mars, staring down at the monster he had hoped to never see again as long as he lived. Around the boy stood the remnants of a massive military force, one that had been decimated in the battle for New Rome. Fires burned all around as the bodies of those he trained to be the best lay in all sorts of disarray. To his back stood the burning ruins of New Rome, people running frantically through the streets as they tried to extinguish the fires that raged through his home. Those fires however paled in comparison to those burning in his eyes, flames that spoke of the countess battles he had won and the war that was yet to come. Each hand held a heavy sword forged of Pit Obsidian and Bones of Drakons, the blades shimmering with a Red Magical energy as he glared down at his opponent on the field. Long scars stretching across the pale boy's skin betrayed the battle weary being that he was today, both physical and mental wounds that together formed his very soul. His long black hair was burnt at the ends as it shifted in the cool night breeze. His formerly pristine Obsidian armor was covered in soot making it seem dull in dark, with splotches of a blood-red crimson of fallen comrades alongside the golden dust of slain foes. Just about the only remotely clean item on Jason's body was his tattered purple cape that flapped in the wind, signs of a battle gone much too long.

Jason turned his head slowly to each side as deep, ravenous laughter echoed over the fields. Along with the haunting laugh, taunts of how Jason failed all those who died, how his ignorance and fear led to the Fall of Rome slammed into the boy from all sides. It was true. His refusal to acknowledge the signs of the Awakening and fear whenever this ancient enemy of his did awaken lead him to have a massive lapse in judgement which allowed his enemy to seize the initiative and plunge the world into Chaos. But that ended here. Tonight he would avenge all those who lay fallen in this war and those who would be forever shell shocked from the events that had transpired. Tonight he would put an end to this madness. As these thoughts raced through his head, Jason looked around at all those who survived and continued to stood by his side. Kaelin, his sister from another God but same mortal mother. Nina, the girl he had fallen for and would give anything to spend another day in her embrace. Ghost and Jake, his best friends and the strongest Warriors he knew; His Brothers in Arms. Tatus, his twin sister. Jackie, his adopted little sister. Shriekr, the hulking Dragon he had created when he was younger to help him through the dark times. All of those whom he had grown close to over the years and had morphed into his family remained with him, strengthening his resolve to put an end to this once and for all. The people who helped Jason repair the scars of his childhood and those who built him into the leader he had been until now. All of them looking beaten down and trodden on over his ignorance and fear. This could not stand anymore.

Jason looked at each and one of them, stopping to make eye contact so they could see the drive in his electric blue eyes. So they could understand that this was his last fight alongside them. As his gaze fell finally upon Nina a single tear fell from his eye. "I'm sorry. I won't be there to see Trevinter." He whispered, silently willing her to take good care of their unborn child. With a mighty breath he turned to face that massive being before him. It was the Lord of Torment, Monsters, The Pit, and Jason's father. Tartarus had risen and was now trying to summon forth the essence of Khaos to bring about a new Era. Behind the God stood the massive tool of revival he planned to use, a shrine that burned bright as if lit by a miniature sun with Khaos' essence. This was the time to strike, while the Primordial God was busy stroking his ego over having decimated the planet. Succeeding where Gaea had failed. As the boy prepared to step off something rough hit his shoulder. He looked down with surprise to see the black head of a Dragon there, peering into his eyes and shedding massive drops of water. 'I am going to miss you. I understand you must do this. Just... I love you. You'll always be my pup. I'll watch over the others ensure they can't follow you Goodbye my little one.' a shaky female voice whispered in his mind. Jason looked at Shriekr as she pulled away from him. "I will always love you Shriekr. I'll always love all of you. You've given me the best times and helped fix what was broken. Now it's time for me to repay my debt. For me to fix what is wrong. Goodbye my Friends, Family, Lover, and Son. I'm sorry I won't be around to see how your legends play out. But it's time to bring mine to an end." He said, his voice heavy with dread.

That being off lifted off his chest, the boy crouched down and launched himself from his previous position as fast as he possibly could. He tore down the Field of Mars almost too fast for anybody to track, closing the distance to his father in a matter of seconds. He heard a loud outcry of pain from behind him, the Dragon's roar at losing what she felt was her only child echoing around the field in a single sound of agony. He couldn't tell if the others cried out as Shriekr drowned them all out but he imagined they had. That roar sent the memories flooding through his head. Her first roar of life deep below the Earth in the Pit, Shriekr's protectiveness during the first moments Jason and Ghost met. When she just about killed the other boy for trying to attack Jason. These bittersweet memories and more came through his head as he leaped at a stunned Pit God, slashing with the right sword to get the God's guard down.

The First Kiss he Shared with Nina.

A thrust with both arms to plunge the blade into Tartarus' chest.

Seeing Tate's smile after her first date.

A thrust of the hand to send both the God and the Boy tumbling into the shrine with a blast of Dark Gravity.

Kaelin's smile when she met the boy she fell in love with.

A mighty roar of pain as Jason opened a pit straight down to Khaos. Beyond the Pit itself then sealed it over the tumbling Pit God, Temple, and Himself.

Jackie recording her first album.

Ghost and Jake.






All of their faces appeared before the boy as the energy from the shattered temple tore him apart, his body and soul being ripped to shreds by the energy and erased forever. The pain was unimaginable as it felt like his very skin was melting off his bones. But he found pleasure in knowing that he had saved those he loved. He was watching the God of the Pit die. Together they tumbled into the Darkness then into the bright red of Khaos. Vanishing into nothing, the boy took his final breath and closed his eyes. "You're safe. At last." He muttered then faded away into nothing, Khaos consuming every bit of his essence along with that of the Pit God. As their destructive forces vanished forever, the world above finally began to heal. Safe at last but with a terrible price.

As the world settled down a lone sound pierced the air, shattering through the quiet of a healing world. The scream was one of anger and sorrow, causing all that heard it to wonder how such a single sound could harbor as much loneliness and heartbreak that it did. As the sound faded away the sun rose up over the hills to dawn on a new day.


A woman stood quietly in front of a tall statue depicting a handsome boy with a cape flaring out impressively behind him. She was holding the hand of a small boy who was staring up at the statue in awe. Near them a Centurion was captivating his group with the tale of this brave man, the woman listening quietly with a small smile on her face. The boy looked up at his mother, pointing a finger up at the statue. "Was he really a hero? He really saved the world?" The woman smiled down at the boy and nodded. "Yes, Trevinter. Your father saved us all." The boy absorbed this information before looking up at the woman once more. "Tell me how you meet?" The woman laughed and gently began leading the little boy away, the statue behind them shining brightly in the setting sun.

Life goes on. Hearts mend.
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The Death of a Legend
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