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 take me down into your paradise [moon]

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PostSubject: take me down into your paradise [moon]   Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:14 pm

Emily had a bad feeling. It was like one of the feelings she used to get when she was going to get attacked by a monster or something that day. She hadn't had that feeling for awhile; she could barely remember the last time she had gotten it. She had woken up with the feeling in the pit of her stomach. She tried to shake off the feeling before getting dressed. She couldn't be bothered by it. She was going to try and have a good day today.

Emily was finally going on another date with Tobias. It was rare she ever got to spend time with him because she was always busy. She could barely remember their last date because it had been so long. They were supposed to go to the city, and she was excited. She rarely left camp because she was a daughter of Zeus. Monster always seemed to be everywhere, but she tried to push the thoughts out of her mind. She didn't need anymore negative thoughts to scare her. As the day went on she realized it was almost halfway through the year. It had been almost two years since they met. The memories of them together were still fresh in her mind even though it had been so long.

Around dinnertime, Emily made her way to the camp parking lot near her car where she was supposed to meet Tobias. She could barely eat dinner because the feeling was still there. It hadn't gone away once all day, and it was starting to make her nervous. She took a deep breath to relax herself when she noticed a figure walking towards her.


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take me down into your paradise [moon]
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