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 Summer has begun? open

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Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos

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PostSubject: Summer has begun? open   Sat Jul 11, 2015 9:41 pm


Alayna sat on her bunk and Lion on her lap. She was petting him thinking about how she could make new friends. Her only real friend was Lion right now, but she had met some people, but then she never talked to them again. It was hot and it was a perfect day to go to the beach to make friends, and swim. Alayna looked at Lion thinking Should I go to the beach? What if no one wants to talk to me? Is my swimsuit.. what would they say "so last year?" That all that went through her head, she was afraid to have people judge her, and she was insecure about her body.

Alayna stood up, Lion jumping off of her, and she walked to her clothes. She found her yellow one piece and she went to the bathroom to put it on. She walked out looking at Lion asking him "How do I look?" Lion just stared at her and meowed at her. " I know I look awful and ugly." she said. Lion just looked confused all he really wanted was food. She walked back to her clothes and she found her black bikini that she had bought but never wore because she thought it show to much skin. She then found her cover up she bought with it. She gave a small smile and went back into the bathroom and put it on. She walked back out and she looked at Lion and he just stared "I know this is way better." She put her black flip flops on and started to walk out until she heard Lion meow again. "Crap, I forgot to feed you." She gave him cat food and was about to walk out again until she forgot her cover up and a towel for herself. Alayna grabbed her towel and put on her cover up that was blue and she smiled. She finally left her cabin with her towel in her hand.

Alayna barley walked out of her cabin and the heat literally slapped her in the face. She sighed and started walking towards the beach. She was getting close to the beach and saw a lot of people there. She stopped and looked around seeing everyone having fun in the water or on the sand. Alayna started having second thoughts seeing all the boys and girls. Girls that were prettier than her and boys who wouldn't pay no attention to her. She took a couple of steps forward her feet on the beach sand. She closed her eyes and turned around quick about to walk away, but a figure blocked her as she bumped into someone. "I am so sorry." she said back away from the person.

WORDS: 456 | OUTFIT| OOC: Hi lovely!

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PostSubject: Re: Summer has begun? open   Sun Jul 12, 2015 6:29 pm

Fern loved parties. Even though she was rude at times, she could stop being mean for at least a few hours to have some fun. This was one of those times. A child of Dionysus had decided having a beach party would be fun and word got around camp relatively fast. Then, a few hours later here they were. Fern was having fun, trying not to be mean but not extremely too nice. What Fern usually did at parties was dance with her "friends" and flirt with girls' boyfriends. Everyone at camp seemed to be there. Some people were in the water while others were dancing or drinking the beer someone brought. She liked the thrill, but she wasn't an idiot and figured someone probably put something in the drinks.

Fern was having fun when finally she decided to take a break from dancing. She twisted away from her friends to get to the table filled with drinks and snacks. She filled her red plastic cup with some fruit punch before making her way back to her friends. She stopped in her tracks to notice a cute boy. She waved to him with one of her signature innocent smiles. That was when someone bumped into her, making Fern spill her drink on her new shirt. "Look what you've done, you Godsforsaken idiot!" Fern hissed at the girl, looking down at her ruined shirt. A few heads turned around and the music seemed to be lowered a bit. No one wanted to mess with Fern, nonetheless get her pissed off. "Why don't you go be a waste of space somewhere else?" She growled at the girl. She picked up the red plastic cup and threw whatever was left in the cup at the other girl before throwing the cup at her and crossing her arms across her chest. "Ooooooh." A chorus rang out from at least a few dozen people. Fern had a smirk on her face that seemed to say, Go ahead and try me. I'd like to see you try.

ooc- how do you spell punch like the drink? I got so confused it's probably me just being an idiot haha

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Summer has begun? open
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