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 a light through the dark unknown [OPEN]

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PostSubject: a light through the dark unknown [OPEN]   Sat May 23, 2015 3:31 am


Livia always had a special affinity for the beach. She was raised to love it and she still did, clinging onto the last aspects of her humanity. Livia viewed the beach without the distance she applied to most things in her life. There was something about the waves, the feeling of sand beneath her bare feet, the weight of the tips of her jeans as they were splashed by the lapping waves that made her forget and Liv loved that. It brought her back - in a way, the beach was as timeless as it was full of memories.

Livia had gone to the ocean once last summer. She had seen tourists and small children and families - all happy and all laughing. The smiles alienated her - it had been a long time since Livia could feel that way. But Liv couldn't cling to the past as if it was a life vest. She had to grow up and she had to move on. So she got up and she swam into the ocean, and she went home and she pretended she had not enjoyed it so much. For some reason, Liv felt shame at going and having a good time. It wasn't that she was by herself, Livia was pretty much shameless in that regard, but it was that she was missing the other part of her, her brother. Quell and Liv had learned how to swim together, and then to boogie board, and to surf. They had shared all of those beach experiences, even after they had gotten to camp. If there was one thing Liv couldn't help but think of when she remembered those happy times was Quell. And they had never said anything to each other about it, but both Liv and Quell knew that he would probably never learn to swim properly again. Quell couldn't walk properly, but the physical damage was only the surface, and Livia felt as if she was moving on and leaving him in the dust.

Sighing, Livia brought her hands around her bare knees. It was summer, but it was cold now, without the sun shining. She was sitting on the beach, entirely alone, her hands running through the sand. It must have been very late, because Liv could barely hear anything, save for the tree frogs chirping. But yet, someone's footsteps pressing into the sand became closer and closer. Fearing it was a harpy, Livia stood up and prepared to run.

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PostSubject: Re: a light through the dark unknown [OPEN]   Tue May 26, 2015 10:55 pm

Faye McJean
| Faye had been told her insomnia was treatable, but after medications and pinterest suggestions, she still suffered. Tonight was one of those nights were she would lay in her bed staring at the ceiling. She had painted the night sky on the ceiling with glow in the dark paint. The demigod had actually used a different kind of paint, one enchanted by a Hecate kid. Faye's stars would move as they did in the sky for the four different seasons as if her ceiling didn't really exist. These days she preferred avoiding the real world. While she still had architectural posters on her walls and books flooding her shelf, she had added astrological studies to her interests. The ceiling had taken her a solid two weeks worth of time to complete, but it was worth it.

Despite how beautiful her illuminated ceiling was, she wanted to see the real stars tonight. After slipping on her batman sweatshirt the girl snuck off into the dark oblivion that was Camp Half Blood at night. The mosquitos nipped at her knees, but she ignored them as she continued over. Faye's eyes followed constellations as she remembered their stories. So many stars had stories, but the universe's stories were not completely told. Maybe that was why the teenager loved the stars so much; their story wasn't over. Faye liked to think that her's was the same, that the fates could not meddle with her life. She was original and infinite.

Eventually Faye found herself at the beach, damp sand slipping into her sandals. A soft wind blew strands of her hair into her face, but not before she caught sight of a familiar figure. Her half sister appeared tense as she sat, so Faye moved fast. "Hey Liv," the demigod said, taking a quick criss-crossed seat beside her friend. Faye kept her feet away from the smooth waves of the lake, but sat close to Livia. "See that line, there, just past the moon?" Faye asked, motioning toward the line of stars she was speaking of. "That's the lion's belly. It was the Nemean lion before Hercules took care of it, supposedly." She pulled her legs to her chest and set her head on her knees. "Couldn't sleep?" the teenager asked, looking over at her half sister with a small smile.

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a light through the dark unknown [OPEN]
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