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 Essie's Charries! <3

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Essie Bear


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PostSubject: Essie's Charries! <3   Mon May 11, 2015 10:25 pm

Ariana Candor

Age/Birthday: Seventeen, June 17
Gender: Female
God Parent: Hermes
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Elizabeth Candor (mother)
Years in Camp: 6

Brief History: Ariana was born in Los Angeles, California. Her mother was a total free spirit, something that Ariana gained as well. Ari's mother met Hermes when she was nineteen as a bar. It was a one night stand that made what Elizabeth later claimed as the mistake. AKA, Ariana. Ariana grew up in a ratty old apartment with her mother. Her mother wasn't prepared to raise a child, and because of that, often neglected her child. Ariana's next door neighbor, a kind elderly woman named Cynthia would take her in on nights that Ariana's mother was passed out drunk with a random stranger. Cynthia quickly became Ari's favorite person to be around while she was growing up. As Ari got older, she started going to the local public school. She was made fun of for being poorer and the reputation her mother had. Ariana learned how to build walls and make sure no one could break them and became detached, not wanting what people said to effect her. When she was eight, her mother completely forgot about her birthday, so Cynthia planned a party for her, making that one of the few nights that she actually felt noticed. Regardless of how much motherly affection Ariana was shown, she still desperately wanted attention from her actual mother. So, when she turned ten, she self-dyed her hair bubblegum pink. All she wore were tee shirt and jeans, but she thought the hair would finally make a statement to her mother. All she got was a shrug and then told that her mom was going out. Then came the night of her eleventh birthday. She sat alone, Cynthia was away visiting her real children and her mom was out. So, Ari was all alone. That was when a monster found her in her apartment and attacked. She threw things at it and screamed and when people came to the door they thought it was just a break in. The monster managed to scratch her from her shoulder to the bottom of her back, and she has a very prominent scar because of it. When Ariana's mother got home that night, she saw all the police and worried neighbors and decided it was time to dump her kid off at Camp Half-Blood. Elizabeth had known about the camp, but didn't want to admit that her child was a "freak" the whole time. After the monster incident, Ariana was given some cash to get clothes, her current clothes, and her mom's number to check in. After that night, Ariana only snuck out a few times to make sure Cynthia was okay, then stopped when she was fifteen after learning that Cynthia had died in her sleep. Now Ariana trains, sneaks out of the campus to cause messes in New York, and keeps her distance from people.  

Physical Appearance: Ariana is a free spirit, her mother believed in free parenting (mostly because she wasn't ever home to care). Due to her mother's absence, Ariana tried doing anything to get some form of attention, including dying her hair bright bubblegum pink. She dresses how she wants, and refuses to let people tell her how to dress otherwise. Her style ranges from completely lazy to edgy rocker chic. She knows how to grab attention through her looks and uses it to her advantage most times. Ari hates dressing up formally and will opt out of most choices that et her to do so. She has a scar that goes all the way from her shoulder to her back from a monster attack when she was eleven. She has three tattoos, one on her wrist, one on her left forearm and one behind her ear. She also has both ears pierced, with her right one having a cartilage piercing.

Personality: Ariana is a very stubborn girl. She knows what she wants and she doesn't like people telling her that she can't do it or have it. Due to her mother's absence, she assumes that it's normal for people to be like that and is detached and distant from everyone. She holds in a lot of pent up anger that built as she was growing up, and is known to sometimes blow up on people when all they did was ask her a simple question. She dislikes being the center of attention most of the time, but refuses to blend in. She likes looking tough and untouchable because it keeps people away. She has a hard shell, but if you break it down, she's a tad broken from the years of neglect. She can be extremely caring and loyal to people, and secretly is over most people in the camp, even if she doesn't know them. She has a soft spot for young children, especially younger campers because she knows what it's like to feel weird in a new place and often takes on the job of helping them out. To people in her own age group she's rude and very blatant with her opinons and doesn't care if her opinion doesn't match other peoples. She's also gotten in trouble a lot for sabotaging Capture the Flag games jsut because someone on her team made her mad. Overall, on the outside, she's rough, rude and mean. But on the inside, she's caring, loyal, and kind. he jsut tends to almost never show the inside to people.

Fatal Flaw: Refuses to get help for anything, overly stubborn, and  isolates herself from people.

Pets: N/A
Talents: Quick learner.
Weapons: Throwing knives and a dagger.
Year-Round or Summer: Year Round
Other: Face Claim is Charlotte Free
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Beautiful Chaos


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PostSubject: Re: Essie's Charries! <3   Tue May 12, 2015 8:50 pm

Not sure if she needs acceptance, but accepted!

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Essie's Charries! <3
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