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 I'm going to die

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PostSubject: I'm going to die   Fri May 01, 2015 5:14 pm

Running through the woods, Michael remembers the words his Aunt Jackie told me. "Don't be scared. They will chase you but you will find your way. Follow your heart to safety." He still has no idea what she meant. Michael was running so fast, trying not to trip on rocks or tree roots. Hearing something flying towards him, he ducks as a rock flys over his head. Stumbling on a fallen branch, He trys to regain his footing as another rock flys dangerously close to his head. Having no idea where he is going, it's like his legs are working on their own. Michael feels for the ring that was left to him by my mom when she died. A loud growl reverberates through the forest and snaps him back to the real world. "What are these things!?! Why are they chasing me!?!" is all he can think as he trips on a rock and falls down. Not being able to see what is chasing him scares him, but he knows it is out there somewhere. That's when he sees the claws emerging through the bush to the left of him. "I'm going to die." Is all he manages to say as the beast jumps from the bushes towards him.
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I'm going to die
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