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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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PostSubject: hiding | wicked   Sun Apr 05, 2015 9:29 pm

you say i look fine, if only you knew what was on my mind you'd see a whole different side, i couldn't show you even if i tried.
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Considering he doesn't actually live in the cabin, Landon has been spending unusually large periods of time in the cabin. Actually he's probably spent more time in the cabin than some of the campers who actually live there. It's not that he hates the Hera cabin, wait no he does hate it. It's just the complete lack of resources, the Athena cabin has it's own library! He honestly should be living in the Athena cabin, not the Hera cabin but he couldn't just abandon Archer. And there's no way Archer could live in the Athena cabin, the other's simply wouldn't allow it. So instead he's reached a compromise where he pretty much does everything but sleep in the cabin, although he does his fair share of that.

Lately the amount of time has gone up significantly as Landon's found himself becoming more and more interested in certain things that he'd love to know as much as he can about, one of them being physics. He's always loved science, but now something about physics really gets him and he's been pouring over large textbooks. He's spent so much time here that he's not sure when he last saw Archer, although he doesn't really care. It's good for them to spend time apart.

Actually as much as he doesn't want to admit it, that's part of the reason Landon's been avoiding his cabin. When he's alone he can push the memories out of his head but whenever he's around Archer that's completely impossible, the memories practically consume him when he's with his brother. So in his mind spending all of his time reading physics books is a good thing.

Landon is in the middle of a particularly difficult part of a chapter when he's startled by one of the Athena campers, "Uh Landon, there's a guy here. He looks exactly like you?"the boy says as he scratches his head. Immediately Landon stands up, his eyes wide. What is Archer doing here? Slowly he follows the kid into the main part of the cabin and his eyes land on Archer. Biting his lip he walks over to his brother. "What are you doing here?"he signs, his hands moving fast showing his annoyance. Yes he is mad that Archer is here, the Athena cabin is supposed to be his place to go. His place to escape, and Archer is not a part of that.
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PostSubject: Re: hiding | wicked   Mon Apr 06, 2015 11:50 pm

Because of his heritage, Archer has never really found a home at camp. Sure, he’s got a right to be in both the Apollo and Athena cabin, because of his mother and father and grandparents, but he’s never felt right in either of those places. His thought process basically boiled down to this; His Athenian blood would permit him to go to the Athena cabin, but he’d be shunned because of his paternal grandfather. His Apollo blood would grant him access to the Apollo cabin, yet no one would let him him because of his maternal grandmother. It was yet another problem of a long lost he had to deal with, thought this was easily fixable. Archer mostly just stayed in the Hera cabin during his time at camp, because Tessa and his brother were always there. 

Except not Landon. His twin, for some reason, had taken a liking to avoiding Archer these past few weeks. At first, he thought nothing of it. Everyone needed their time apart, and it just gave him an extra excuse to wallow in self pity in his room. But then, as the days grew longer and the nights warmer with heat, passing the time became almost unbearable to the twin. Landon was his other half, part of his soul that was forever connected not just by the blood that they shared, but by the experiences that had endured together. You couldn’t just witness something like your family being exploded into tiny bits and shut off your twin like that. It hurt. Really bad. So one day, when the pain was just too much for one boy to handle, he tracked down Landon. 

Of course he was in the Athena cabin. Landon always had a knack for books, while Archer had a thing for singing and sports. Back at home, their room had been divided, but still somehow complemented each other. Now, it was like Landon was a whole other person, one that Archer didn’t know in the slightest. When he saw Landon, Archer smiled and waved, but it quickly diminished when he saw the demeanor of his brother. Angry. “I, uh, came to see you. It’s been a month since you’ve visited.” 

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