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 What's this Freak doing here? -Vixy's characters-

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PostSubject: What's this Freak doing here? -Vixy's characters-   Fri Apr 03, 2015 11:41 am

There will be stuff here. For navigation. And looking at. Eventually... XD
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PostSubject: Re: What's this Freak doing here? -Vixy's characters-   Fri Apr 03, 2015 4:35 pm

        ~ Birth Certificate ~

          Name: Brianna White
          Nicknames: Bri
          Age: “Well…my birthday’s the First of August… so I’m sixteen!”
          Place of Birth: Northern California, USA
          Godly Parent: Dionysus
          Mortal Family: “I have a Mom, a Step Dad, and a Step Brother…. Who is a butt.”
          Abigail White-Mother: A loving, though slightly flighty, woman with a big heart.
          Richard Williamson-Step Father: A strict military veteran, though with tons of love in his heart. Though he isn't her real father, Richard raises her as if she were his own.
          Brandon Williamson-Step Brother: Although kind of a butt face, in Bri's opinion, he's not the worst brother to get out of a marriage.
          Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed

        ~ Camp Life ~

          Year-Round or Summer Camper: “It depends on what my Mom says, though mostly she lets me stay all year!” It’s a mix, but mostly year-round.
          Years at Camp: “I’ve been at camp about a year or so.”
          History: “My life story’s pretty boring, but I’ll tell you if you really wanna know!”
          Abigail’s parents weren’t surprised when their flighty daughter came home one day and said she was pregnant. She’d been running around with a strange benefactor for a few weeks, and the flighty young woman would have been the sort to fall in love quick and get taken advantage of. It could have been worse, single, unwed mothers were unusual, but not unheard of, in their area. They did their best to support the young woman as she had her child.

          Brianna was born to a loving, well off family, her grandparents owning a vineyard in Dry Creek Valley, California. Her younger years were uneventful for the most part, other than her getting in all sorts of trouble from her ADHD. She grew up on stories her mother told her about her father, about how they met and how in love she was, and how he had to leave her because he didn’t belong there. She was five, and starting Kindergarten, when her mother met Richard, a single father whose son was in her class. He was a solid man, with a stern face, but a warm heart. Her mother married him two years later, and she gained a father and a brother.

          As she got older, it became apparent that she didn’t quite belong either, much like her father. Her mind was always out in space or on a thousand things at once. Her classmates began giving her a hard time, laughing at how absurd she was. Brandon teased her, like any brother would, but got into several fights at school defending his flighty sister from their cruel mocking. She would wander off some days, and just disappear for hours… and then one day she seemed to manipulate some vines in the vineyard. Her mother, disheartened by her daughter’s behavior and the behavior of others, realized that the vineyard was no longer the safe place for her daughter. It wouldn’t be long until she would be attacked.

          It was a sad, yet exciting day when Abigail sat her family down to explain just who Brianna’s father was… and that it was time for her daughter to join other children like herself in Camp Half Blood. She’d contacted a satyr, as she’d been instructed when she found out she was pregnant, and they were on their way to collect the young girl. She would leave the next day when they arrived. Richard hugged her tight, and told her to keep her room clean. Her mother gave her a letter, to take with her in case she should meet her father.

          Brandon helped her pack. He gave her the birthday he’d bought for her ahead of time, grunting about how he’d come beat up anyone who teased her if she called him and asked him to. Maybe he wasn’t such a bad brother after all. The next day came too soon, and she hugged and kissed her family goodbye, and started her new adventure as a Demi-god of Camp Half Blood.

        ~ The Psyche ~

          Personality: Brianna has many good things, but about as many bad. She is a happy girl, smiling and friendly to almost everyone she meets, but it makes her too trusting. She is flighty, finding adventure in almost everything she does, but this gets her into trouble a lot. She tends to believe in the good in everyone and everything, even monsters. Bri often ignores, or doesn’t understand, when she’s being insulted or teased. Although she loves everyone, she has yet to fall in love, and some deep, dark part of her heart, doesn’t believe it’s meant for her. She will often pretend she doesn’t see the romantic advances of others onto herself, or perhaps she doesn’t actually see them because of her fear of falling in love. Her favorite color is purple.
          Fatal Flaw: Her belief that anyone or thing can be good. She will almost always give mercy, and in cases she has to kill, it leaves her shaken to her core and struggling with herself for days, or weeks, depending on who, or what, she had to kill.
          Likes: The color purple, Owls, Grapes
          Dislikes: Prickly weeds, people who are mean on purpose, littering

        ~ The Appearance ~

          Physical Description: Brianna is quite pretty, but with her own ideals on style and dress, you never know what she’s going to wear or why. She has tan skin, splattered with freckles on her face, arms and shoulders. Her hair is the color of caramel, buzzed short on the right side of her head, the left side and top left long, curling over her shoulders and framing the left side of her face. Purple streams tint the tips of the long side of her hair. She will sometimes wear makeup, but it’s either barely there, or lots of glitter and glam, rarely and in-between. Her eyes are one of the most stunning parts of her. They are a deep purple, the color of wine grapes. Her face is a round in shape, with large eyes, a nose that turns up a bit and a bright smile. Her shape is an early-set hourglass, with a smallish waist and growing hips.
          Dressing Style: Brianna’s style changes often, but her most common is a basic California coast style. Short shorts and a mid-drift shirt, she will switch often between flats, sandals, and basic sneakers, or even just barefoot if the mood strikes her. She always wears her gift from her brother, a necklace with a pendant shaped like a bunch of grapes.

        ~ The Defensive System ~

          Demigod Talents: Bri is swift on her feet, extremely flexible and has amazing balance. She can summon and control grape vines, but this takes a lot of concentration, which is difficult for her.
          Weapons: A celestial bronze dagger and a round shield.
          Pets: A toad she calls Tim.

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PostSubject: Re: What's this Freak doing here? -Vixy's characters-   Fri Apr 03, 2015 4:58 pm

I don't know if you already got this accepted, but if you haven't, she's accepted!
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PostSubject: Re: What's this Freak doing here? -Vixy's characters-   

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What's this Freak doing here? -Vixy's characters-
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