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 Tyler's Characters (WIP)

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PostSubject: Tyler's Characters (WIP)   Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:27 pm

Camp Counsellor
Name: David Adler
Age/Birthday: 25, June 14th, 1989
Gender: Male
God Parent: Hecate
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family:
Serena Adler (Older Sister)
Bríghid Adler (Stepmother)
Shin Adler (Father)
Years in Camp: 6
Brief History:
David's story begins in the small town of Macon, Georgia, with his father, Shin, an engineer and IT specialist...and a firm believer in magic and illusions. He had wandered around his small town for all of his life, so he knew almost everyone in town. Yet, one day, in 1989, someone he did not know at all appeared in the town bar. The two hit it off immediately. Several months would pass, the woman vanished, and one day, he woke to find a child in a fully furnished room, with a note from the woman he had met explaining everything. He had met Hecate, the greek goddess of magic, and when he first heard what she had to say in the note, he didn't believe her. Then, several weeks later, Shin had his first taste of the world in which he had unwittingly delved into.

A few weeks after he found and named David, he was attacked by a low level monster, a small hellhound. He was able to just barely fight it off with the sword that he had been left by Hecate, and that clinched it for him. He needed to find some way to hide david's particular "scent" from the beasts that would attack him. This led him to date around rather quickly, settling for his high school flame, whom had left him and wanted him back. Brighid. The two of them bonded rather intensely over David. And, as the years passed, they managed to convince the child they had made before David was born that he was her blood brother. With that, Shin managed to hide david for many more years. However, when david came of age..something bad happened. He was always being kicked out of schools for seemingly no reason. However, they all knew one thing. Before an incident that would get him kicked out happened, he slipped into mumbling ancient greek, and then strange incidents would happen. The two of them both knew what was going on, his powers were coming in. But, the trouble they had was pinning down which goddess he was the offspring of. The incidents were never the same thing twice, all of them were different. At one point, he had given second degree burns to a bully, and at another point, the water pipes around him had exploded! They couldn't figure it out, but they had to get him somewhere safe.

Thankfully, almost as if on cue, the courier that Shin had been told would come visited them. They told David that he was to go with him, and pack everything he thought he would need. They also finally revealed what weapon they had been given before his mother vanished. Thus, he was granted the gift of his first celestial bronze weapon.

The trip to camp Half-blood was uneventful, they took a plane, ended up in New York, and took a car there. From there, they only had to kill a few slightly above average monsters, which was easy enough with their combined efforts. Then they were in camp. From there, David became a year round camper for the next year. During this time, he had not gone on any quests, due to his age. However, at the end of his first year, he was finally claimed. His mother, Hecate, had seen him fit to be claimed, having seen his thirst for knowledge grow to a healthy degree, granting him her blessing, and making him able to understand and read spells. Sadly, when the next year came, he seemed to have to stake it out on his own. However, this was avoided. Chiron recognized that he had come late to camp. His power had not manifested until he had come of age, which was uncommon. So, he allowed David to stay in camp as a counselor. Sadly, this meant that his chances of being allowed to go on any quest dropped exponentially. But, he did get to stay in camp. Thus, he is now starting his sixth year as a camp counselor, watching over the younger Demigods while learning what he had no time to learn while he was younger.
Physical Appearance: As a young man, David stands at five feet, eleven and a half inches, with black hair that is typically seen in a fauxhawk, but only slightly, while the top of it is slicked back. He is not clean shaven, and has a beard that is slightly on the thin side. He wears glasses to correct his nearsightedness, and is very much in shape, capable of taking on children of Ares in combat if he needs to. He also has a joke pink fuzzy mustache that he made in his first year at camp, which can be attached to his face and seems to meld with the skin, making the mustache semi-permanent when he wears it. His wardrobe, when not wearing the typical Orange T-Shirt of Camp Half-Blood, tends to be extremely varied, ranging from flannel shirts, all the way to plain black T-Shirts, along with jeans and sneakers.
Personality: A very intelligent individual, David is every bit a very nice person, settling most disputes with his deep, suave voice and admitted good looks. However, even he knows that some people will not solve problems with mere words, and as such, he will not back down if he sees no other outcome than battle. In battle, he is fierce, using his intelligence and physical strength to outmaneuver and best the opponent in any way possible. Outside of a battle, he's a kind soul who enjoys brightening the days of others, making people laugh, and generally making everyone feel welcome at camp. He is very much good at his job as counselor, and is generally a good friend to have, because he will do his best to support anyone he sees as a friend. But, he wont let his friendships get in the way of being unbiased in arguments, so it is very hard to bribe him into doing anything, due to his high sense of morality.
Fatal Flaw: Unquenchable Thirst for Knowledge
An angelfish named, surprise, angel
An Iguana named Mark
A Daschund named Tod aka dogiplier
Talents: Playing Guitar, Violin, and Piano, Singing

Celestial Bronze Celtic Leafblade Longsword for close quarters combat

Celestial Bronze Three Section Staff For mid range combat, can also contract into a bo staff that can be used as a focus item for spells.

A Pistol Type Mini-Crossbow for long range combat.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
Other: Nothing really
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Tyler's Characters (WIP)
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