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 hello raskolnikov | open

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PostSubject: hello raskolnikov | open   Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:30 am

so many times it happens too fast you trade your passion for glory
tobias vincent
Tobias lets out a small sigh as he carefully navigates through camp, it’s late and he’s trying to make his way through camp without disturbing anyone. The last thing he'd want is to be caught by a harpie, or a rule abiding camper. Silently rejoicing, he finds himself heading towards the library. He’s been experiencing minor insomnia lately, and he’s often found himself exploring different parts of campus. Normally Tobias tries to avoid the library, as he’s not only incapable of speaking in a quiet voice but it honestly bores him. Still he’s discovered that it’s a wonderful place to come at night. Pushing through the doors, he heads to the fiction section. He loves fiction, it’s fun to in-vision himself living in all the different worlds, what his life would be like. He pulls a copy of Crime and Punishment off the shelf and retreats to a corner, where he sits down to read his book. He pulls his bag off of his shoulder and removes a blanket and a thermos of tea. He flips open the page and begins to read. He’s been trying to read the book for a couple of weeks now, but it’s rather difficult and he has yet to make a lot of progress but he’s telling himself that he will read it. He loses track of his surroundings as he finds himself becoming part of the world of Raskolnikov.

As he reads he begins to find himself sort of comparing himself to Raskolnikov, as odd as it might sound. Ever since the casino, Tobias has found himself being increasingly paranoid about everything he does and people finding out about it. Not to mention there's an increasing fear that someone is going to catch him out of his cabin this late at night. It's an awful comparison, but honestly he can't help what he feels.

Coughing into his arm, Tobias shifts around before settling into a more comfortable position. He now finds it much easier to become completely absorbed into the book. He stays like this reading, until he eventually drifts off into a seemingly deep sleep, sprawled out on the floor of the library. If someone where to find him, it would be incredibly awkward. But he's been doing this for weeks and no one has caught him.
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PostSubject: Re: hello raskolnikov | open   Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:57 am

Liv was almost always up at night, despite the dangers. She hadn't been able to sleep well for a long time, and although she sometimes drugged herself into a fitful sleep, Liv didn't really think that was worth it. Instead, she went exploring. The danger of getting eaten by harpies was enthralling to Livia. She loved the idea of danger, and had stopped caring about consequences a very long time ago. The exhilarating rush of adrenaline made Livia feel alive, and more awake then she had been in a long time. She didn't feel alive that much, and danger made her feel young again.

Livia first made sure that Faye was asleep (she didn't want anyone ratting her out, human or harpy), before creeping from her room and then the cabin. Livia sneaked across the camp, armed with her book and a flashlight (off, of course) she always kept by her bed for reading in the dark. She encountered no one on her way to the library - a midnight destination that was so much more interesting at night than it was in the day, in which it was filled with her siblings, and although Livia loved her family dearly, she had to admit, Athena kids could be pretty boring sometimes. Pushing open the door to the library, Livia cringed as it creaked, but slipped in undetected.

She wandered to the fiction section - her safe haven when it wasn't flooded with campers, only to see a body lying on the floor. Livia almost screamed. She was seeing things, from her lack of sleep. Gods, Liv thought to herself, I'm finally going crazy. She blinked, and the body disappeared, but as she walked towards where she normally sat and read, she saw it again. Livia resisted the urge to run or draw a weapon, instead kneeling down. Upon closer inspection, she discovered that it was a boy, and that he was asleep. "What are you doing?" She asked in a confused tone.

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hello raskolnikov | open
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