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 search team five

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lara croft
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PostSubject: search team five   Sat Jan 31, 2015 4:37 pm


Fern Daniels, Scott Sumter & Conrad Winters

Chiron has tasked search team five with searching inside the Labyrinth. Be careful out there!
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PostSubject: Re: search team five   Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:47 pm

Fern was excited to go looking for the monster that had killed Kalina. She wasn't happy that she died because she had been a good leader (even though she was a bit more peppy than Fern liked.) Fern was just excited to go hunting for a monster. An unknown monster. She had been one of the first people to sign up to look for the monster. And when they told her where she was searching, she couldn't have been happier. The Labyrinth. She had never been inside the Labyrinth, not that many people got to go inside and she was pretty excited. The only problem was her team mates. She had never met them before and Fern didn't particularly like working with other people. She would have preferred to do it alone, but she didn't have much choice unless she wanted to end up like Kalina.

Fern had packed a small backpack with various things like water, ambrosia, nectar, some throwing knives and a dagger, a first aid kit, and a few other things. She wasn't even sure if she would need any of the things she was bringing. She didn't care, it was the only thing left to make her a bit less nervy. Her ADHD was starting to get the best of her and she kept moving around the cabin until it was finally time for her to leave. She practically ran to the edge of the forest. She didn't want to be late and keep her team mates waiting. She couldn't care less of what they thought of her, she was just too excited to be late. They would have to find the mark of Daedalus first. She had no idea where that would be and she was about to search for one on her own before stopping herself. She had to wait for her team mates.

Fern leaned against a tree for a few minutes playing around with her dagger and tapping her foot. Every few minutes she'd look around to see if someone was coming. Eventually she heard a twig crack and a figure appear. She got up from leaning against the tree. "You're late." She said a bit harshly as she put her dagger in her back pocket.

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PostSubject: Re: search team five   Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:40 pm

conrad winters
don't worry. my standards are so high even i don't meet them.
Trudging up to the meeting spot only to hear a camper's cutting tone, Conrad raised an eyebrow slightly. He pulled something thin and silver out of the pocket of his track pants. It seemed, to the casual onlooker, to be made out of a line of smooth interlocking parts and nothing else. His voice was calm and level as he confirmed the accurate hour. "Right on time actually."

Slung casually over the demigod's shoulder was an ash gray sling-bag containing provisions for the mission as well as medical supplies. His mind was more effective than any weapon he could wield, both metaphorically and literally hence he brought no sword nor bow for those would only slow him down. He did however, pack in a series of sharp, thin celestial bronze blades; they resembled knives but without the cumbersome handles. The possibilities were endless with a thin sharp object and psychic abilities most could only dream of.

Conrad dropped the silver object back and took a position similar to the girl's, but against a large rock instead. A section of his mind buzzed with anticipation, though his clear blue gaze gave nothing away. Another part considered the two campers once again. He had been notified of their names the day before. Fern Daniels and Scott Sumters. The latter he recognised from the Demeter cabin, though they had never talked, but the former he even more rarely encountered. Minor god or goddess, he mused.

Names were not enough, however. Conrad had to meet them in order to determine whether or not he'd be on a wild goose chase with two blockheads, or if could actually trust them, albeit marginally. There was always an extent as to how much trust he allocated to people and all but one or two were in the dangerously low levels. Trust, in his dictionary, was lucky to even exist. His definition was not based on feelings but rather how reliable someone was, decided mainly by their degree of competency, conscientiousness and detachment to emotions, among other things. A large percentage of society, Conrad had recognised, was susceptible to shallow, foolhardy, and ignorant thoughts and therefore, generally unreliable.

Scott had yet to arrive, but Fern he already had an impression on. No matter, Conrad dismissed any creeping doubts. He didn't have a choice either way. It was like the quest all over again. He would have to work with what he was given. They will have to do.

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PostSubject: Re: search team five   

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search team five
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