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 a nightmare dressed like a daydream | selectively open

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lara croft
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PostSubject: a nightmare dressed like a daydream | selectively open   Wed Jan 28, 2015 4:07 pm

appearing as... kalina nikolova

ooc; this is selectively open, meaning that i'm only looking for one person, and that one person MUST have been someone who rped with kali in the past, or knew her. (meaning we talked about them knowing each other, not you randomly saying they knew each other). now i might not get what i want lmao so this is just here, feel free to reply if u fit the requirement, etc. this'll probs be one of the last times kagami appears as kalina, what with her being dead and all, and she's basically doing it to get a reaction- like hey, i'm dead, whats your reaction to seeing me sitting casually on a chair going to be??

there were definitely a few problems with kagami's plans. things she hadn't factored in, things which she hadn't thought would be an issue...
one of which being the unfortunate demise of none other than kalina nikolova. gods, couldn't she have survived just a few more months? thinking about how pathetic the girl would have had to have been, to die so easily- ugh. it brought a bad taste to the kitsune's mouth. she'd lived seventeen years, she couldn't live just one more?
kagami had really spent the days since the girls death planning. sure, kalina wasn't her main face- nor would she ever have been. that poor soul had done a good enough job ruining her own life, she didn't need kagami meddling (at least not yet- she had full intentions of doing so later on, but those plans went to hell the second kalina had been found dead). in fact, her death didn't really cause any problems, at least not ones which couldn't be solved. but still... she was saddened by the fact she couldn't use the bulgarian's face anymore. it'd raise too many suspicions, too many people asking questions and knowing the answers.
but then again...
well, kagami had realized pretty quick that there was a very obvious upside to kalina being dead. what better way to mess with peoples heads, to break through whatever walls they'd put up- then turning up as the dead cabin leader? it wasn't something she was sure about. not even a little bit. but kagami knew that this was her one chance to do it- while the grief was fresh, and people were still mourning her loss.
she entered the hera cabin as a pretty little blonde, smiling to the few people who greeted her by the blondes name and making her way on through, glancing over her shoulder as she neared the door of what she now assumed would be the new cabin leader's room. in all of her time in camp, all of the time she'd impersonated other people and even this girl herself... kagami had never set foot in her room. it would almost have been weird, pushing open the oak door and stepping inside, shifting immediately into the late kalina nikolova's features. stretching her arms, pushing now familiar brunette hair back out of her eyes, kagami spent a few minutes searching (naturally). looking through the packed boxes, some of which were very obviously the new cabin leaders... and the others, the ones which held the items of kalina nikolova. there were some books, some pictures in ornate frames which would probably be shipped right back to her parents- she even found a little snowglobe, the "snow" and glitter swirling around the water when she picked it up. kagami dropped it back into the box after a moment with a slight look of distaste, rolling her eyes and continuing her snooping until she came across the most interesting of items... a diary. now, most of them were gone- given to someone or another. but this one, the one which seemed most recent, had been left behind- probably because the girl who used to write in it had still been in the process of writing down her innermost thoughts and feelings.
with a grin, kagami plopped down on one of the chairs, opening the diary wide and beginning to read. she probably would have sat there forever, had it not been for the door swinging open after a few moments, sending her thoughts spinning. her grin almost faded, but she managed to keep it in place, narrowing her eyes slightly at the person who'd entered. "can i help you?"
it was all apart of the plan, being caught, being seen as a dead girl. it was all apart of the fun.
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PostSubject: Re: a nightmare dressed like a daydream | selectively open   Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:48 am

seth eliton bond
we'll go all the way, just you and me.
Seth had just returned to his cabin when he noticed a familiar figure in his cabin leader's room. Her death only being a few days ago, his mind was still attuned to Kalina's memory and something stuck out to him about that slim back and lustrous dark hair. He approached and froze as he stepped through the entrance.

"K-Kalina?" Seth was surprised, to say the least, though on hindsight a little less shocked than confused. The first words that apparated on his tongue were: I uh, attended your funeral, but those definitely weren't good conversation starters so they sank back, unspoken.

He tilted his head slightly to the side, trying to make sense of the situation. Her expression was guarded and something felt off to him. Could ghosts touch physical things? Or was she just not dead? How did she get into the room without his cabinmates noticing? Seth stayed warily as he was, half leaning on the wooden doorframe, one hand in his pocket and the other gripping the polished wood just by his head.

His demigod senses tingled, but then again, he had always relished the thrill of danger and therefore what would've been warning bells to another demigods were inadvertently conditioned to be welcome instead of heeded for him. It still did not excuse the awkwardness of the situation. He had just been to her funeral a day or two ago for goodness sake. Couldn't she have waited week or something? If Seth had been Kalina that's what he would have done. Appearing right now would create more bewilderment than shock and the shock-factor had always always his personal priority.

Nothing fazed Seth for long however, and a casual, lopsided grin graced his lips. It was a smile that automatically surfaced in suspicious circumstances; a spontaneous amiability that successfully hid his apprehension. "How was the underworld? Miss me?"

words: 311 // tag: #vina // notes:
im sorry do you want seth DID YOU MISS M—SHUT UP SETH
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a nightmare dressed like a daydream | selectively open
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