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 got a long list of ex-lovers (open)

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PostSubject: got a long list of ex-lovers (open)   Sun Jan 25, 2015 11:54 pm

katalin scott

Kat kicked her boot, sending a small pile of white dust blowing in the wind. This was her favorite spot. She had found it while trying to get away from camp. The secluded forest was nowhere like the bustling city such a short distance away. Her footfalls were the only noises she heard. The small bench sat there, nearly attached to the tree it had been there so long. She sat down on it, and pulled out her sketchbook. The scene before her was so lovely, she just had to draw it. Time passed and passed, and before she knew it, she realized evening was upon her. She began to pack up her things when she noticed another set of footprints in the snow.
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got a long list of ex-lovers (open)
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