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 swift as the coursing river (open)

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Erin (Granger)


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PostSubject: swift as the coursing river (open)   Sun Jan 25, 2015 1:06 pm

cassia talbot

Cass gave a sigh of relief. She finally had some free time. Heading over to a dummy, the daughter of Eris unsheathed her sword. It was a very nice sword, long, and gold as your average Apollo kid's hair. It usually shone in the light, but the grey fog of the early morning prevented that. She carefully swung the blade, bringing a cloth head rolling on the ground.

She focused on dismembering the dummy. Having just cut off the legs, she went to go and find another dummy. Although the cloth carnage seemed a bit much, practicing let her take out all her built-up anger. She heard a rustling behind her, and quickly spun around, raising her sword. "Who's there?"
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PostSubject: Re: swift as the coursing river (open)   Tue Jan 27, 2015 6:13 am

Taylor Monroe ran through the forest. Something pursued her and she did not care to find out what. There had been noises in the forest for the past couple weeks. And now campers were starting to end up dead. She had been foolish to go into the forest alone. At least she had the comfort of knowing that her sword was a single breath away. All she had to do was say a single word and it would come to her.

Taylor thought her pursuer stopped chasing after her once she started to approach the edge of the forest, but she did not stop to find out. She heard another camper call out to her and then she stumbled out of the woods and into the arena. She had not realized she would come out there. The arena was empty, except for the girl who had called out to her.

Taylor took several deep breaths as she tried to catch her breath. Once she had the air in he lungs to do so, she gasped, "I wouldn't go in there alone if I were you." She had her hands on her knees and continued to take deep breaths until she had her breathing under control. She stood up straight and looked around her. Luckily, her only witness was the girl who had called out to her. Hopefully she did not laugh at Taylor's theatrics.

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swift as the coursing river (open)
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