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 we never go out of style --- [maeve]

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PostSubject: we never go out of style --- [maeve]   Fri Jan 23, 2015 10:11 pm

Fallon Roberts
| Fallon was a hopeless romantic, with her dreams consisting of princes and knights coming to her aid and then proceeding to fall in love with her. It was in stories, seen in life, and hardly ever what you expected; so naturally, she adored the idea of falling head first into love. The teenager was already an optimistic person, who always said the glass was half full, and love was always possible. Always, even in the darkest of times, when shadows filled the walls and threatened to swallow any glimpse of hope. Maybe she had read too many stories, but the demititan didn't care. Love was love, and it was pure, just like her. Fallon had also been sucked into her friend's fantasies of perfect husbands and lives free from monsters or responsibility. Cabin ten girls were almost worse than she, but not quite.

Fallon realized she was a hopeless romantic the second she heard her friends offer to set her up with a random, undeniably attractive single. She, being the naive test subject, willingly agreed. Dating wasn't an unfamiliar path for the demigod, and she wasn't afraid of rejection or awkwardness. She was bubbly enough, and certainly interesting enough to pull conversation starters out of thin air. It was really difficult to have a bad date with Fallon, at least, she thought so. And even if this mystery man didn't sweep her off of her feet, maybe they could be friends. The girl had an abundance of friends, but she always had room for more.

Blind dates weren't simple, though, you had to plan for every possible outcome. The Aphrodite girls had told her that she was to meet the boy at the entrance of camp, where they would head off to do whatever blind daters did. Fallon hadn't actually ever been on a blind date. She was more for setting others up, or testing the waters with a variety of males. Anways, the girl knew what she was wearing. In her closet she set aside 'emergency outfits'. This included harsh winter and summer gear, a backpack filled with non-perishables, and the all necessary date outfit. This month's included a pearly pink top with puffed sleeves and a bow, a floral skirt and fake leather heels with laces. She adored it, and couldn't wait to put it on.

She put her hair up in a knotted bun near the top of her head, going for a more innocent approach. Fallon was innocent yes, but not ignorant. The girl had seen her fair share of tragedies, but it wasn't obvious in the way her blonde hairs were tied together or in the way her skirt bounced as she did. The brown of the leather might not have gone with the black background of her skirt, but that was irrelevant. She felt really good about this outing. A few minutes later, she was walking off to the entrance of camp, leaning against the marble columns. A tune was in her head, so she decided to sing while she waited. Now, Fallon was a not an amazing singer, but she didn't care. "I've got a good girl's faith and a tight little skirt, and when we go crashing down we come back every - oh!"

Her eyes scanned the tall figure coming towards her, and she could've sworn something was familiar about him.

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we never go out of style --- [maeve]
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