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 coming of age || private

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PostSubject: coming of age || private   Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:29 pm

it's like you're trying to get to heaven in a hurry
but the queue is shorter than you'd thought it would be

The granddaughter of aphrodite had made a good few hundred dollars in the space of five hours: posing in different designer brands and letting photographers take pictures of her in front of different scenic backgrounds and with other models. even though she could been seen as technically exploiting the fact that she had aphrodite's blood running through her veins, she could not help but enjoy modelling and the money that came with it - almost as much as she loved to play soccer, which was a complete opposite to modeling. so here aurora was, pulling her bmw that she didn't have a license for into the clearing that most campers parked, staying still as she fiddled around in her handbag besides her.

aurora wasn't the person to flaunt anything that she owned, and therefore preferred to hide her car rather than boast it about. most didn't know that she modeled either, or that she held quite a popular youtube channel, although this was mainly because she physically was too scared to divulge into the depths of her soul to other people: she didn't want to be judged, mocked, or seen in a bad light, and there are a lot of personal things of her tumblr blog which was linked closely with her videos, and she would die if anyone was to see that. she knew that she shouldn't even be using these devices whilst at camp, but she lived only a few miles from the borders so it was rather either to just pop home and post a video if she could not manage to find a way to do it within borders.

the sixteen year old started to re-apply her lip-gloss within the rear-view mirror, humming out-of-tune to music that was playing from the car stereo. she still had a lot of make-up still on from the shoot - well, eye liner, mascara, blusher, foundation and concealer - so she just wanted to touch it up a little, checking that her hair was still back in a normal pony-tail. just as she finished, a knock on the window of the passenger's side made her jump, almost leaping out of her skin and her big eyes widened ever more in shock. she quickly grabbed her bag and got out, shutting the door behind her and locking her car with a switch of the button. "um, hi?"
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coming of age || private
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