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 Pretty's Character Application

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PostSubject: Pretty's Character Application   Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:18 am

Name: Edward Valentine
Age/Birthday: February 14th (19)
Gender: Male
God Parent: Hephaestus
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: N/A
Years in Camp: 6ish
Brief History: Edward was left on an orphanage door step after his birth. He has no knowledge of his mother or family. He was never adopted by a family. He was kinda the odd ball out as a kid. He was always alone in his room talking to himself. The nuns at the orphanage thought he was crazy but he was just talking to his machines he made to keep him company. At the age of eleven, he was pushed out onto the streets and left to his own accord. He joined a gang and quickly got lost in that world. He was always getting into fights and losing. He was weak and nerdy. Two years later someone told him to follow him. He ended up at the camp. He was claimed immediately by Hephaestus when he entered the camp. He lived and trained side by side many a campers before he was sent off on a mission. He got cut off from the group and ended up lost at see. A boat of Poseidon's cyclops were sailing by and scooped the nerdy half-blood up. They would have made a meal out of him but Poseidon forbid it and sent him to work in Atlantis's forge. He worked there for years, growing and mastering the art of the forge.The nerd became a man and was sent off when Hephaestus had found out that Poseidon was harboring him for his own use. He is now back at camp and feels more alone than ever. Although, he has Ein.
Physical Appearance: Edward, who was once short, flimsy and had thick glasses, no stands sturdy. He is a man now. His skin toned with the years of work in the forge. His skin is tanned from the fires and the furnaces. His face usually covered in soot and grease. When he is clean, which a rare occasion, anyone would see his supple pink lips and styled hair with a strong jaw. He really developed over those years he was gone from camp.
Personality: He seems to be very dedicated to his cause. He has ADD and Dyslexia like the other demigods, except when he works against the anvil his concentration is unparalleled and it takes a few yells to get his attention. He is rather clumsy but he is level-headed, friendly and rather friendly. He is protective of all his friends and would give his life to protect them. He is a good guy but a nerdy man. 
Fatal Flaw: Perfectionist
  • Technokinesis
  • Enhanced Forging
  • Genius IQ

Weapons: N/A
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
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PostSubject: Re: Pretty's Character Application   Mon Jan 19, 2015 7:19 am

accepted! nice first character!
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Pretty's Character Application
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