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 Characters of Epiales

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PostSubject: Characters of Epiales   Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:18 am

Name: Rose Acantha Belladona
"Rosa" by her father and uncle
Age/Birthday: 17, October 31st
Gender: Female
God Parent: Macaria, goddess of Blessed Death
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family:
Dino Belladona - Father - Unknown
Caio Belladona - Uncle - Alive
Holly Belladona - Aunt - Alive - Daughter of Hecate
Caitlyn Belladona - Cousin - Alive
Years in Camp: 1
Brief History: Her father was living in Italy, enjoying life, partying and keeping a steady job as a barkeeper. He had a somewhat self-destructive lifestyle, but the danger made him feel alive. This, of course, all came crashing down one day after it was revealed to him that he had a child. Rose was the product of a one night stand, a quick hook up. Dino, understandably, freaked out. He had no idea how to raise a child. However, his brother had a wife and daughter in America, so that's where he sent Rose. After giving a fond farewell, thanking his brother profusely for what he was doing, he went back to Italy to look for Rose's mother, but communication cut off completely a year later and he hasn't been heard from since. Rose grew up in Buffalo, NY, her aunt and uncle treating her like their own daughter and her cousin treating her like a sister. In fact, they didn't actually tell Rose that she was not their daughter until much later on in her life. Rose and Caitlyn grew up very close, only being 2 years apart in age. They went to the same school and got along very well. In fact, most of Rose's life was pretty great until she turned 13. She was then claimed by her mother, a reaper's scythe floating above her head, and that's when things took a turn for the worse. Her aunt, being a demigod, knew what this was and they were forced to tell Rose the truth. They weren't her parents. Caitlyn wasn't her sister. Her real father hadn't been seen in over a decade, and her mother was an Ancient Greek goddess. Rose became secluded, refusing to participate in anything she didn't absolutely have to, and sometimes not even those things. Not knowing what else to do, her aunt and uncle had Rose and Caitlyn stay at Camp Half Blood for a summer. Rose's attitude didn't change, and by the end of the summer she ran away. She ran and kept running, hitch hiking and making her way from city to city, not even knowing where to call home anymore. She survived like this for a long time, never making contact with her family. It was only after she turned 17 that the monsters became too much to handle. She was unfortunate enough to catch the scent of the Minotaur, and she would've been killed by it if it weren't for a satyr who had been escorting some new half bloods at the time. They killed the Minotaur and brought her back to camp. Unfortunately, she was knocked out cold by the Minotaur and has been unconscious for the past few days, laying in the infirmary at CHB.
Physical Appearance: Rose has choppy black hair that goes to her shoulders and dark brown eyes, almost black in color. Her skin is pale, typical of a child of the underworld, and her nails are normally painted white or black. She stands at about 5"10 and has a relatively thin build. In the summer, she will normally wear a white tank top with a black windbreaker overtop, along with black jeans that fit her well. She wears black boots, and in the winter she simply adds a think black coat overtop of her outfit for the sake of warmth. She wears a silver ring on her right ring finger as well as earrings that are roses. Rose has multiple scars on her body. She has one on her forearm from falling out of a car, matching scars on her knees from jumping off a train, one on her ankle from a stray bullet that only narrowly missed her tendon and her newest one, a large scar on her shoulder from when the Minotaur rammed one of it's horns straight through her body.  
Personality: When she was younger, she was extremely cheerful. She smiled all the time, had hair that went to her lower back, wore dresses and lit up the room when she walked in. However, when the truth of her parentage was revealed, she started to change. It was slow at first, a general air of darkness started to form around her. When she was at camp the first time, she was a cheerful, happy person, but now, 4 years later, she is very different. Rose considers the girl she was to be extremely naïve, she hates it when people touch her, she almost never smiled (although sometimes she smirks) and she hasn't even touched a dress since she left. She's quick witted and sarcastic, but she has a soft side to her (it would be easier to break into a bank vault than to get to her soft side, but it's still there). She holds onto a grudge with her life. Her father and mother, for abandoning her, her aunt, uncle and cousin, for lying to her.
Fatal Flaw: Holding grudges
Pets: None
Talents: She is a decent pickpocket, learning how to swipe someone's wallet pretty easily after living on the road for 4 years. She's a good driver and navigator, and she has been in more than her fair share of fights, making her very good at brawling. She uses her hands instead of a weapon, grappling and using her entire body to combat an opponent.
Weapons: She doesn't really have weapons, but she does have black gloves laced with celestial bronze so that she can grab a blade or an arrow without being cut, as well as deal extra damage to monsters.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
Other: Caitlyn is only a summer camper. She is almost completely unrecognizable from her time at camp initially, even Chiron requiring her to give her full name before starting to recall the girl she once was.

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PostSubject: Re: Characters of Epiales   Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:01 pm

rose belladona. nice job.

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PostSubject: Re: Characters of Epiales   Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:41 am

Name: Carter Craven
Age/Birthday: 17, August 14th
Gender: Male
God Parent: Epiales, god of Nightmares
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Elizabeth Craven - Mother - Alive
Years in Camp: 4
Brief History: Epiales was attracted to Elizabeth because of her recurring nightmares. Every night when she slept she would wake up screaming, but that stopped when she met Epiales. He stopped her nightmares and it wasn’t long until they fell for each other. As with all the gods though, Epiales couldn’t stay. Elizabeth knew who he truly was and understood, letting him go on the condition that the nightmares wouldn’t come back and that he would visit her from time to time. He agreed and then disappeared. Carter was born 3 months before Epiales left, but he doesn’t have any memories of him. Unfortunately, Elizabeth’s wish of no longer having nightmares had a side effect that no one expected. She stopped dreaming completely. At first, she welcomed it, simply glad that she no longer had nightmares, but after a while it started to get to her. When Carter was 7 years old, Elizabeth had a full on mental break down and had to be admitted to a psychiatric ward. After being declared clinically insane, she was moved to an asylum, where she still lives today. Carter was put into the system, bouncing from home to home until he was claimed at the age of 13 and made his way to Camp Half Blood. He has lived there ever since, occasionally visiting his mother in the asylum and checking up on her.
Physical Appearance: Carter has stark white hair that is relatively short in length. His bangs constantly fall in front of his eyes, causing him to brush or blow them out of the way. He has stormy grey eyes and stands at 5”11. Carter lacks visible muscle, having a relatively skinny build, but is surprisingly strong despite this. His skin is quite pale, although he tans quite easily (it returns to his normal skin tone within a week or two, but the point remains). Carter usually wears jeans tucked into a pair of steel-tipped boots, along with a white hoodie and varying shirts underneath.
Personality: Saying Carter is introverted would be a gross understatement. Although he does enjoy spending time with certain people, he needs significant periods of time on his own to build up the emotional energy required to deal with people on a regular basis. He is quiet most of the time, but is very defensive, getting very loud very quickly. He is especially defensive when the subject of mental illness is brought up due to his mother's situation. He isn't very humorous, definitely not the type to make a joke, but there is often a smile on his face. He does his best to take life one day at a time and he tries to enjoy himself, but sometimes he can go into a slump, the weight of everything in his life pressing down on him. When he's like this, he'll smile for the sake of others, so that they don't think anything is wrong, but if anyone were to look close enough they would be able to see pain and sadness in his eyes. Carter's eyes are very expressive, with whatever emotion he is truly feeling being communicated through them.
Fatal Flaw: Internalization. To quote Athena, the most dangerous flaws are those that are good in moderation. While it can be good to keep what you're feeling inside, pushing forward and ignoring the pain, doing so too much is destructive. Carter's refusal to express his emotions, whether subconscious or conscious, can put both himself and the people that he cares about in danger.
Pets: None
Talents: Carter has the ability to cure nightmares. If someone has been having nightmares, he can absorb the negative energies in the dream and turn it into a good one. He is decent with his weapon, although that's not his main strength. His main strength is his mind. He is extremely good when it comes tactics and strategy, considering it his greatest strength. He has won the majority of the CTF games he has led.
Weapons: Carter has a spear, the shaft carved out of ivory and the head made of celestial bronze. There is a dream catcher attached to the bottom.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-round
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PostSubject: Re: Characters of Epiales   Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:04 pm

Accepted- Fantastic character, I really like the close tie between his mother and his personality. Have fun role-playing him!
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PostSubject: Re: Characters of Epiales   

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Characters of Epiales
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