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 Marconi Sunshine's Character [Marconi Sunshine-INCOMPLETE]

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Marconi Sunshine

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PostSubject: Marconi Sunshine's Character [Marconi Sunshine-INCOMPLETE]   Wed Jan 07, 2015 7:37 am

Name: Marconi Sunshine

Age: 13

Birthday: June 13th

Godly Parent: Undecided

Claimed: No

Mortal Family:

  • Father: Marcus Sunshine

  • Older Sister: Jessy Sunshine (Deaf)

  • Mother: Marisol Sunshine

  • Brother: Alex Sunshine

  • Younger Sister: Mira Sunshine

Years In Camp: 0 Years, 0 Months, 1 Week, 0 Days

History: Marconi Sunshine is the foster daughter of two rich parents. Her father owns two banks while her mother is a singer, model, and actress. Also, her uncle owns three other banks and her aunt owns a modeling agency. Together, they all were business partners.

Marconi Sunshine is also the daughter of a Greek God or Goddess. But she didn't know it before she came to Camp Half-Blood. But before she found out she was a demigod, she had dreamed of being one. Every single day. She dreamed along with her best friend, Connor, who wanted to be a satyr. Little did Marconi know, that Connor was a satyr.

One day, she decided to take a walk outside. In the woods to be exact. She knew the place by heart, so she didn't worry about getting lost. And she had lots of experience with animals, so there was a very small chance that she would get hurt or killed by any animal there. Or so she thought.

All of a sudden, Connor came to her. He looked very worried, like it was a life-or-death moment right then and there. Which it was.

"What are you doing here?" Connor asked, "I've already told you dozens of times, you can't go in the woods!" It was true. Connor had told her not to go into the woods many times. But Marconi didn't think it was such a big deal.

Then, Marconi and Connor heard someone heading towards them. Or, something.

"Run!" Connor told Marconi. Marconi was going to refuse, but her legs didn't have to be told twice. She ran as fast as she could. When she ran far enough, Marconi looked back and saw Connor running with her. And a monster chasing them.

Marconi picked up the pace as soon as she noticed the monster. It wasn't very hard to notice it though. He stuck out like a sore thumb. After a lot of running,they were very close to Camp Half-Blood. Marconi was about to enter, when she looked back to face Connor, who was a far distance away.

"Come on!" Marconi yelled.

"What are you doing?" Connor asked, "Just go!"

"No!" Marconi replied, "I'm not leaving you!"

Just in that small amount of time, the monster caught up with them. Marconi noticed Connor trying to distract it. Then, she realized he was trying to risk his life for her. Marconi didn't want to be the reason her best friend died, so after thinking about a plan quickly, she charged at the monster. After a while, the plan backfired. She ended up on her back, ready to pass out. But before she did, she looked at Connor for the last time.

"I'm sorry," she said, "for failing you." Then, everything when black.


Marconi woke up on a bed. She didn't know where she was, but she didn't care. She had to know what happened to Connor. But a lady, who's name was apparently Delilah, told her to stay in her bed. She explained to Marconi that they found her in a fatal condition. Marconi asked Delilah about Connor, but she just looked away and stayed silent. Then, after a while, she finally answered.

"I have no idea," she began, "but it's very likely that..." she trailed off. That's when it hit Marconi. Her best friend, was dead. Because of her. Marconi never forgave herself after that day. The story of her life at Camp Half-Blood, continues from there...

Appearance: Marconi is a girl of only 5'00" in height. She has long hair that's died jet black with blood red tips. She has dark brown eyes and sort of long eyelashes. Marconi usually has long nails too. You will usually see her wearing pants, jeans, long-sleeve shirts, and/or t-shirts. You'd be considered sort of lucky to see her in a dress or a skirt or anything girly. Marconi never wears any make-up. She also has white skin. But it is slightly tan. It's barely noticeable unless you really pay close attention to it. Even though she lost her best friend only a week ago, she wears a "mask". In other words, she pretends she's happy when she is really depressed. Her "mask" is always a smile or a calm face. As long as it doesn't show any anger or sadness, it's very likely her mask.

Personality: Marconi is described as a flame that doesn't burn out, but brightens with the passing time. This means that she is relentless and brave and that those traits will not weaken, but they will strengthen over time. She is also kind and very brave. Marconi is loyal too. Sometimes, a little too loyal. But Marconi can also be described as "changeable" meaning she may be unpredictable. But that excludes the loyalty and over-protection. Marconi pretends to be this very happy girl who seems to have the perfect life. But in reality, she is very depressed about the loss of her best friend. But she has never shown it to anyone yet. She doesn't even have anyone to talk to. She couldn't talk to her parents since she was still slightly upset that they didn't tell her about her real parents. Marconi barely talked to anyone at all about her true feelings though. Not even to her best friend. But she always looks at everything as if they were wonderful. Because that's what they were through her eyes. Wonderful. Marconi tries her best to look at the bright side of everything, no matter what the situation is. But sometimes, she just can't. Especially when it's an embarrassing moment. For example, she couldn't look at the bright side when her phone started ringing during her grandmother's funeral. And to make matters worse, her ringtone was "I Will Survive" at the time. She tried her best to look at the bright side, but it was pretty much hopeless. There are a few words to describe her based on what I just told you and some other details, and they are:

  • Loyal

  • Brave

  • Kind

  • Sometimes Unpredictable

  • Happy On The Outside

  • Depressed On The Inside

  • Relentless

  • Someone who looks at the glass half full (She is content with what she gets and she will not abuse anything

Fatal Flaw: Marconi's Fatal Flaw is excessive loyalty. It is the same as Percy Jackson's, except it might be stronger in Marconi's case.

Pets: Marconi currently does not own any pets. But she wants at least one.

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Marconi Sunshine's Character [Marconi Sunshine-INCOMPLETE]
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