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 Cause I Have Some Issues (ML)

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PostSubject: Cause I Have Some Issues (ML)   Sun Jan 04, 2015 4:12 am

Eleni Lysandra Seres

The wind made a whistling noise as it traveled across the top of the arena. With furrowed eyebrows and closed eyes, Eleni put all of her faith in the fact that she would strike the dummy in front of her with lightning. She had to. There was no reason she shouldn't be able to. Actually, there was, and that was herself. She had no idea what she was doing, if she was being honest. The whole "child of Zeus" thing was a larger surprise to her than anyone else, she figured. She felt opposite to her siblings, she didn't even feel like one of them at all. But that wouldn't stop her from trying to fit in with them as best as she could.

Okay, come on Eleni. You've got this. Focus. That's what they always tell you. Focus. She breathed in deeply, and thrust her hands towards the dummy, expecting it to be charred and burned from the lightning.

To her horror, all she managed to do was cause her hair to frizz up slightly. Rolling her eyes, she pulled her hair back into a ponytail and concentrated again. She thought of the one time she had successfully used her powers, the night her mother died. However, all that thought did was cause her hands to shake and her knees to wobble. Eleni brought her hands to her face, rubbing her temples. Her converse made a squeaking noise as she paced across the arena floor. What is wrong with me?, she thought.

Plopping herself down on the floor, she decided to calm down and focus on her surroundings. The sky was blue, virtually cloudless. The wind was pretty strong, definitely not because of her. The trees in the distance swayed back and forth. Campers were picking strawberries in the fields. She could hear people playing at the basketball courts, laughing and yelling at each other. Singing rose up from the amphitheater, sweet melodies and rough ballads traveling with the wind.. While everyone else appeared to be having fun, Eleni was in the arena, by herself, borderline having a breakdown.

Sighing, she tried to think about the positives in the situation. At least I haven't hurt anyone with my powers yet. At least I'm not bring negativity into anyone else's lives, even though I'm surprised I haven't yet. Even to Eleni, those weren't very good positives to this situation.

As she pondered this, she felt the negativity closing in around her. Eleni's thoughts began to drift to her mother. Bringing her knees to her chest, she tried to push the memory out of her head. She tried to focus on the birds chirping in the woods, or the cheerful voices from outside of the arena. She was failing.

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Cause I Have Some Issues (ML)
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