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 quietly pass me by-- private [content warning; underage drinking]

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PostSubject: quietly pass me by-- private [content warning; underage drinking]   Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:31 pm

tabitha vincent

we're all in our own private traps...

one of the many enjoyable things about the modern world?
tabitha could barely keep the grin off of her face as she made her way through the camp, the six pack of bottles tucked under her arm along with a thin blanket she had managed to find nestled away in a corner of the cabin. one part of her hoped that no one had been saving it for if they got cold in the middle of the night, cause well... given that it was nearing 3am, it was unlikely they'd get it back before sunrise. the other part of her didn't really care, truthfully. if they didn't want the blanket taken, they shouldn't have left it so out in the open.
it had taken ages to wake tobias up. ok... not ages. but she'd definitely wasted time of her life that she was unlikely never to get back-- which, in a way, wasn't necessarily a bad thing. hadn't she wasted 26 years of her life already, playing video games in a magical casino? still, she'd been reluctant to wait around while he got ready, and had headed off ahead of him to climb the hill and wait.
it was hard for tabitha to get used to the general layout of the camp. just when she thought she had it down, she'd realize that she'd accidentally not been factoring in the forest or the strawberry field or some other major area, and have to reevaluate everything. she'd been planning this little get together for... four hours, though. she'd gotten the beer off of a hermes camper, she'd made sure the harpies weren't out, and all of those things. sure, her and tobias got to spend time together now, but she couldn't help but shake the feeling that in 26 years, they'd barely spent half an hour in each others company. they had plenty of time to catch up on it, though.
slowly making her way up the hill, tabs pulled her bomber jacket closer to her body, shivering despite the heavy jeans and tops that she was wearing. she regretted not bringing her hat or scarf, but she'd just been so excited... well, she'd simply forgotten. by the time she reached the top of the hill, tabitha was pretty sure that she had advanced frostbite, and was barely able to move so that she could spread out the blanket and plop down on it. she left the drinks to her left, concealing them from the view of anyone coming up the hill, and gazed up at the many stars above, waiting.
just when she thought that hypothermia was setting in and she was going to die a horrible, chilly death, the sound of footsteps on slightly frozen grass caught her attention, and the brunette glanced up. her grin appeared again as she made out familiar features in the gloom, and with a dramatic flourish she produced a bottle of beer, holding it up as if it were the holy grail. "tada! didn't i tell you that it was a good surprise? aren't you glad you woke up now?" she tapped the blanket beside her, holding out the bottle to him. "you should really appreciate the trouble i go through to supply you with these things."
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PostSubject: Re: quietly pass me by-- private [content warning; underage drinking]   Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:21 pm

so many times it happens too fast you trade your passion for glory
tobias vincent
Tobias was enjoying a very peaceful night of sleep, and by peaceful he means free of nightmares when someone tried waking him up. For as long as he could he tried ignoring them but he finally sat up to find his sister. Rolling his eyes he listens to her speak before flopping back on his bed. He should join her, not going would be rude. But at the same time it was rude for her to wake him up. He groans and stares up at the ceiling. After several minutes of doing this, just thinking he slowly sits up.

Climbing off of his bed he opens his dresser and takes out a pair of pajama pants and pulls them on over his boxes. He then proceeds to pull a sweatshirt on before sliding his feet into a pair of tennis shoes. Once he's dressed, granted his clothing is not appropriate for the weather he sighs as he heads towards the door. Hopefully this is worth it or he's going to strangle Tabitha. He might do the latter anyways because of the time, kidding.

Sighing he keeps his head bent towards the ground as he slowly makes his way through camp, careful to not make any loud noises. That's just asking to be caught and the last thing he wants to do would be kitchen duty. He's heard stories of kitchen duty, and some how the idea of doing dishes with lava doesn't sound that fun. Actually it sounds dangerous, which could be fun but also not fun. Anyways he doesn't want to get caught.

As he finally reaches the hill he looks up as he climbs up the hill. Once he reaches the top he spots Tabitha ahead of him and walks towards her. Reaching her he silently sits down next to her, taking the beer and opening it. Taking a sip of it he sits there enjoying the silence before turning to look at his sister. "It's not bad"he states before he takes another sip of the beverage.
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quietly pass me by-- private [content warning; underage drinking]
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