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 winter wonderland - Talahassee Fern - RFA

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PostSubject: winter wonderland - Talahassee Fern - RFA   Mon Dec 15, 2014 5:38 pm

i wrote a song for you

Name: Tallahassee Fern
Age/Birthday: 18
Gender: Female
God Parent: Khione
Claimed: No
Mortal Family: Oldest of the Kids,
She has a brother named Chicago, he is the age of 16.
A Sister named Atlanta, and she is 14.
Her Father is named Ontario, and he is 47.
Her Mother in-law is named London, age 45
Years in Camp: Two Years
Brief History: Tallahassee was born ironically in Tallahassee, Florida. And before you ask, no, Chicago wasn't born in Chicago and Atlanta wasn't born in Atlanta. Most people had normally asked that to the family, and they'd laugh and answer no. The Fern's live inside of Florida, and like it that way. Tallahassee was born with a step-mother, and never really found out where her mother was. She was born the oldest and the only child for two years. During those two years, Tallahassee had learned the basics of a toddler, and liked being an only child quite a bit. Though, her reign as queen was taken away by her younger brother, Chicago. She found him adorable, but her parents rarely let her touch him. As she grew older, and after two more years, her sister was born. She was six at the time, and was in school. Tallahassee had a normal life as a child, early-teen, and her later-teens (which she is at right now).

Though one day it all changed. It was actually during winter break and during a snowstorm. She was trapped at a hotel in New York during vacation with her siblings, parents, and best friend Serena. Her friend had been acting strange and fidgety the whole time. The bell-man that worked for the hotel was kind of creepy too. He was staring at her the whole time, almost as if he were inspecting her every single move, or checking for something, and it seemed Serena had been noticing this too. At this age, Serena had her license and that meant the two went in a separate car than the rest. Then one day when they were having a snowball fight in the park, and Tallahassee absolutely wrecked Chicago. There was almost an immediate reaction from Serena. Serena practically hauled her into her car and drove them to what she later learned to be Camp Half-Blood. Obviously, Tallahassee was freaking out. She doesn't remember anything after that though. All she knows is that she's a demigod and her mother is a goddess.
Physical Appearance: Tallahassee is a very pretty girl, standing at 5'4, and weighing 146 pounds, she is definitely very fit. Her chocolate skin shines in the sunlight and moonlight, almost illuminating the darkness. The teenager's face almost brings out a bubbly, happy side of her, almost telling people that she is a very kind girl. Her short, brown hair is normally topped with a hat.
Personality: Tallahassee marches to the beat of her own drum, and not in a bad way. She always has a smile on her face and rarely gets brought down. She loves winter, and absolutely loves to play in the snow, it's her favorite time of year. Tallahassee had always been the social one who always went to even her least favorite things without complaining. The girl never really finds anything bad in the world, and always has a positive view on things. Overall, she's a pretty good friend.
Fatal Flaw: Tallahassee does what she wants. (Basically, she's reckless).
Pets: None
Talents: She is a decent singer,
Weapons: She prefers a bow and arrow.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
Other: finished :)
coded by kellisabell<3
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PostSubject: Re: winter wonderland - Talahassee Fern - RFA   Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:17 pm


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winter wonderland - Talahassee Fern - RFA
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