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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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PostSubject: haunted || private   Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:38 pm

please don't ever leave me alone here
Everyone that knew Aurora knew that she hated fighting: she didn't like aggression and didn't approve of physical violence and thought that all should just be nice to one another. She was a 5"4 girl with dimples and liked to dress in over sized sweaters and jeans. So, she did not look happy when she had no choice but to go to the arena and participate in at least one activity, as she had been threatened by Mr D.
With her hair pulled in her usual half-up, half-down curly pony and her make-up done immaculately, the basic sword that had been forced into her hands hung limply and un-enthusiastically from her slender fingers. Her wide, naive eyes studied the people around her, wanting to just run away yet knowing that she was being watched. She just knew she would have to grit her teeth and get through this for an hour, and then she didn't need to come back for at least a month. She could do this. With a deep breath, the legacy of Aphrodite stated towards one of the dummies in the corner, looking completely timid and lost.
She only moved quickly, however, when she realized that she had started to walk into the archery range, becoming  slight target. An arrow shot narrowly past her, and she fell back on her backside and let out a high-pitched yelp, covering her faces with her hands. The arrows continued to shoot past yet, but she found her self unable to move, curling up and freezing right in plain sight and hoping to be saved.
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haunted || private
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