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 Nightmare's Characters

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Living Nightmare


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PostSubject: Nightmare's Characters   Wed Dec 03, 2014 8:52 pm

Name: Aneira Cora Eirwen
Age/Birthday: 16 | October 31
Gender: Female
God Parent: Hecate
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Father~ David Eirwen, Step-Mother~ Alyssa Eirwen, Step-Brother~ Caden Eirwen
Years in Camp: 6
Brief History: Aneira grew up with her twin in a small apartment with their father, who worked in as a doctor. He was hardly ever home, leaving the twins to fend for themselves more often than not. To him, they were no better than the furniture. It hurt to look at them, because they reminded him of the mother they never knew about. Aneira couldn’t understand why their father didn’t love them and simply saw them as an annoyance. He married when she was nine. Their step-mother and step-brother didn’t like them very much, thinking them to be an eye-sore. Barely a year had passed before she started complaining to their father. He easily agreed to send them away, to a boarding school or wherever. It was then that the twins ran away. They didn’t know where to go and soon monsters began making their appearance. They had been running from a Hellhound when a satyr found them and managed to get them to camp.
Physical Appearance: Aneira is a very slender girl that stands at 4’10”. She is pale and very petite. Her hair is dark blue in color and falls to her shoulders. Her bangs cover her right eye, leaving only the left visible. Her eyes are periwinkle blue. She has little to no muscle mass but she makes up for it with her speed and agility. She normally wears skirts and white polos, though in colder weather she wears leggings under her skirt and has a jacket on. She has a matching cross necklace with her brother and she cherishes it.
Picture: Face-Claim~ Touka Kirishima From Tokyo Ghoul: Here
Personality: Aneira is a very quiet girl who really just sits on the sidelines and doesn't interact with people. Aneira hardly ever speaks and if she does it's in a very quiet voice. She is very kind and gentle and likes helping people. She gets upset very easily and tends to cry. She can be startled or scared quiet easily and she tends to blush and get flustered a lot. Aneira can be oblivious about a lot of things, especially others feelings towards her and while she is hesitant to let people near her at first, once she opens up and gets to know a person she is very trusting and will never doubt that person. She doesn't give her heart away very easily but once she does she is devoted to that person, loving them with her whole being.
Fatal Flaw: She trusts too easily and would never judge someone. She tries to see the good in everyone.
Pets: White fox named Salem
Talents: Aneira has to power to see and speak to the dead. However, if she talks to them for too long or too much she gets a bad headache. She also see imprints left behind, ghostly residue such as if a person was killed in a room, she can see the person getting killed and what happened. However, this leaves her extremely weak. If she is too weak then no matter what she does she will not be able to communicate with spirits and if she tries too hard there is a possibility of it killing her. She also suffers from nose-bleeds as well as the headaches.
Weapons: She wields a red scythe that folds out from crescent pedant attached to a bracelet around her wrist. If she flicks her wrist a certain way then the weapon unfolds. (The gun part is not included, it is simply a blade)

Year-Round or Summer: Year
Other: She is terrified of fire and she cannot swim.

Name: Alastair Calix Eirwen
Age/Birthday: 16 | October 31
Gender: Male
God Parent: Hecate
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Father~ David Eirwen, Step-Mother~ Alyssa Eirwen, Step-Brother~ Caden Eirwen
Years in Camp: 6
Brief History: Growing up, Alastair hated his father. He always made his twin cry and left them on their own while he was at work. Alastair, being the older twin, had to grow up quickly and take care of his sister. When their father remarried, Alastair’s hate grew to encompass his step-mother and brother. The woman always looked at them like they were bugs under her feet and his step-brother always picked on Aneira. When he overheared his step-mother trying to persuade his father to send them away, Alastair immediately packed his and his sister’s bags when the man agreed without a fight. He ran with his twin, not knowing where they would go or how they would survive. Alastair learned to pickpocket and they scrapped by. One day a dog came down the allyway they had been staying in. However, when the dog began growing and turned into this monster was when Alastair fled with Aneira. Luckily a strange man with the legs of a goat found them and took them to a camp. Alastair wasn’t surprised to find out he was a demi-god; he had always known there was something strange and him and his sister. Their father had always looked at them with fear hidden in his eyes and Alastair now knew why.
Physical Appearance: At 5’11”, Alastair towers over his twin. He is tanner than his sister and he has a slight muscular build. His hair and eyes are the same color however his eyes appear darker than Aneira’s and far more guarded. His wardrobe consists mostly of dark jeans and shirts. He also has a chain connecting his wallet to his pants, he is never seen without it. The only jewelry on his person is a cross necklace that he never takes off
Picture: Face-Claim~ Ayato Kirishima From Tokyo Ghoul: Here
Personality: Alastair is a cold, stoic, and arrogant person. He is, more often than not, willing to leave those who slow him down behind. Alastair has a very inquiring mind when there is something he cares about, but at the same time, he has almost no tenacity of purpose. If he becomes interested in something else, he will arbitrarily turn his back on what he's doing. However, despite all of this, the one and only person he will show kindness to is his younger twin Aneira. He is fiercely protective of her and he will literally do anything to keep her safe. He loathes anyone touching him and is very liable to break a few hands and bruise some jaws if need be.
Fatal Flaw: He is so protective of his sister that he will put himself in harm’s way to keep her safe.
Pets: Snake named Castor
Talents: Illusion Magic- He can create illusions and manipulate them. However, this will only work on weak-minded people and monsters. If people catch onto the illusion then it will be broken. Also, he has to be very focused or the illusion with shatter and not work.
Weapons: A broadsword that he is able to split into two and wield like twin blades, a bladed staff, or like daggers.

Year-Round or Summer: Year
Other: He is always fearful of his sister getting hurt. He hovers over her more often than not.

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PostSubject: Re: Nightmare's Characters   Thu Dec 04, 2014 6:17 am

Both accepted! It's nice to see another set of twins running around this joint.
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Nightmare's Characters
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