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 Winter's chatacters

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PostSubject: Winter's chatacters    Fri Nov 28, 2014 11:02 am

Name: Pyry Joshua Frost (most people call him Joshua, his father is the only one who was ever allowed to call him by his first name)

Age: 7

Birthday: 22 december 2006 (winter solstice)

Description: Pyry has textured snow white hair that reaches just past his ears. His bangs are medium length, almost at the eyes. Pyry`s eyes are a clear light blue and his skin is very pale, like snow. He is quite short for his age, with a height of 3.3 feet and is also quite thin. Pyry weighs 45 lbs, which means that he weighs less than the average of what one 8 year old should weigh. Since he is so thin he is not particularly strong either. His body is scrawny and slender, so that his bones are sticking out. He is always wearing a gray-blue shirt that is two sizes too big, white shorts and worn yellow and green sneakers. Around his neck he hass a necklace with a snowflake made of glass on the end that was a birthday present from his father when he turned four. He has a scar across his left cheek and burn marks all over his right arm. Because of this, his arm is always bandaged

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Olympian parent: Khione, goddes of snow (unclaimed, though he knows that she is his olympian parent)

Mortal parent: Michael Thomas Frost (deceased)

Personality: Pyry has strong need for acknowledgment, wanting to be needed and appreciated. His fulfillment is finding a place where he belongs and people that are looking up to him, people that need him. Harmonious, compassionate and understanding, Pyry is a kind soul, but far from warm. Due to him being the son of the goddes of snow, he has a naturaly cold personality and air. Withdrawn and introverted, Pyry prefers to be alone and not draw to much attention to himself. He is ever curious about the world around him and he is fascinated by nature and has an inborn appreaciation for it.  Pyry is very sensitive and can easily get sad, depressed or angry and he tends to get emotionly unstable. His fatal flaw is his need for akcnowldegment. The strong need will cause him to do anything to be appreciated, to help others so that he will be noticed. But because of that, he will neglect his own feelings and needs and he ends up feeling hurt. Another flaw of his is his curiousity. Cause of his endless curouisity and fascination for nature, he has a drive to learn and understand the world around him. This might cause him to do stupid and reckless things, like walking into wolf den to see how it inside. His curiousity is dangerous and could get him and others hurt, but at the same time it could help him learn more about the world. Pyry is a giver and a helper and wouldn`t hesitate to help others. He has a rather weird hobby, and that is egg art. He loves to paint the eggs and he is rather good at that. He can make beautiful pieces of art, almost on par with an Apollo child. Pyry can`t read or write, he can only draw wich is why he so good at it. Because he can`t write or read, he lacks the common knowledge others has and many might think he is stupid. But that is not the case, he is actually very smart and intelligent, he only lacks the requirements to show it. He has a habit of running off to explore and dissapearing on people. He likes watermelons (he is crazy after them), ice cream, tea, drawing and catching insects, another hobby of his. He also like cats, winter and cold weather. Pyry dislikes peanutbutter, coffe and warm weather in general. And he absolutely hates dogs and fire.

History: Pyry`s father, Michael, met Khione while he was on a holiday in Quebec. He instantly fell in love with her because of her beauty and cold personality. And she fell in love with him because of his love for the cold and the winter. They spent two weeks together and shortly afterwards Pyry was born. During the time they spent together, Khione told Michael who she was. Pyry and Michael lived on a farm just outside Atlanta. They were poor and didn`t have much money. The farm was inherited from Michael`s deceased older brother, Joshua, the namesake of Pyry`s middle name. Because they had so little money and Pyry`s father needed help around the farm, Pyry didn`t get to go to shcool. Instead he had to help around the farm and it was only on Sundays that his father had the time to give him home schooling, but he rarely had time. The few things his father thought him was the names of plants and herbs that could be harvested in the wild and how to use them. Pyry spent most of his time at the farm and he didn`t have many friends. Most people didn`t want to be with him because they thought of him as unusal and a freak. This was becuase his appearance and cold air made him stand out. Pyry was very lonely, but his father would always be there for him and cheer him up. He had a very close bond with his father, to the point were it was almost as if they could read each others thoughts. He loved his father more than anything. At the age of four, Pyry`s powers began to materialize and thus monsters started appearing. But the monsters didn`t attack him as they were uncertain wether he was a demigod or not. His father told him that he was the son of a Khione and that he was a demigod. He also told him about Khione.  One day, when he was seven, in the middle of summer they were attacked by a hellhound. This was the first attack the monsters had made. The hellhound attacked Pyry but he managed to dodge it by luck, and it only scratched his cheek. His father tried to chaze the hellhound away, but without succes. While attacking them, the hellhound knocked over a candle and the house started burning. In the fire Pyry`s hand got burned and he lost consciousness. When he came to, the house had burned down and the hellhound had vanished. He found his fathers dead and burned body in the living room. Later, he found out that Khione had protected him, but had failed to protect his father. Khione sent him a message written in the snow, telling him about camp-half blood. After that Pyry traveled to Long Island. On the way he met many monsters, but with the help of a satyr named Daniel(NPC) that he managed to survive. He and Daniel aren`t very good friends at all as Daniel is rather strict and doesn`t really acknowledge Pyry. While on the journey he learned how to pickpocket and how to fight with a dagger. It took a year to get to the camp and when he arrived he was seven years old.

Weapons: A small dagger made of bronze

Abilites:  Cryokinesis(has yet to master it and can only use it for a short period of time):
*control over ice, snow, and cold (this means he can create snowstorms and make it hail or snow, as well as make the temperature drop and freeze the ground. But when making a snowstorm he has to focus very hard and it only lasts a few minutes, also it gives him a headache. When freezing the ground he has to touch it, the radius of wich the ground freezes are 30cm from him and 360 degrees.)
*Can turn humans or demigods into ice (have to focus very hard to do it and gives him a headache/migraine, the ice melts after half an hour to an hour and thy return to their human state)
*Can create icicles, one for each hand and us them as weapons or throwing projectiles (he has to focus to do it and it gives him a headache)
*Can turn himself into anything associated with snow. ((has yet to discover this ability)only once per week and it tires him out.)
*Can summon very violent blizzards and other snow-associated calamities with a wave of his hand. ((has yet to master) tires him out and will make him unable to move for about a week or two depending on the strength of the wind)
*An extended form of freezing the ground, he unleashes a wave of snow and ice, very much like a snowstorm. The wave`s radius is up to five meters and everything within that radius will be frozen solid for two hours till a day untill it the ice melts((has yet to discover this ability) will make him even more exhausted than the above, and will render him incapable of doing anything for a month and will give him a severe headache. In the worst case, he might die from using it)
Other abilities:
*good at pickpocketing, drawing and figting with a dagger
*cold resistance
*knowledge about plants and herbs

Years at camp: first (just arrived)

Year-rounder or summer-only camper?: year-rounder

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PostSubject: Re: Winter's chatacters    Tue Dec 02, 2014 8:28 pm

sorry for the wait, but pyry's accepted!
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Winter's chatacters
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