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 cheeto fingers & that one sci-fi movie || maeve bby

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PostSubject: cheeto fingers & that one sci-fi movie || maeve bby   Sun Nov 09, 2014 11:56 pm

cassie mchale

cassie shoved various snack foods and movies into her backpack. the crinkling noise was getting to her. frustrated, she began punching the cheetos into her bag. eventually, the bag moved slightly, allowing the zipper to close. slipping the ying-yang bag over her shoulder, cassie put on her vans and opened her cabin door. a gust of chilled wind washed over her small frame, her beanie flying off her head.

the walk to cabin six was short but, almost unbearably cold. cassie kept one hand on the strap of her backpack, and the other on her beanie. as she approached the stairs up to the cabin a strong gust of wind blew her forward. as she fell her bag flew off her shoulder, hitting the cabin's door with a loud clap.

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cheeto fingers & that one sci-fi movie || maeve bby
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