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 Day of the Dead Celebration

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PostSubject: Day of the Dead Celebration   Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:13 am

Tonight was the first of a week long of celebrations for the Day of the Dead. Derek had worked hard all day setting up and getting everything ready, along with his cabin mates in Hades Cabin. Now the time was finally here and everything was ready for an epic party.

Derek walked along the path through the trees towards the beach. There were tiki torches lining both sides of the path illuminating the ground with an eerie light, each a differecnt colour. In many of the trees hung a skull and cross bones, with the names of the dead carved in the trunks beneath them.


Once he arrived at the beach Derek saw the party lights scattered all over the shore, and some on the water. In the middle was a large camp fire, that changed colours every so often. Already a few campers had gathered around it, and were drinking. Music was playing from the DJ booth set up just by the entrance of the beach.

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Day of the Dead Celebration
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