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 like young volcanoes [wicked]

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PostSubject: like young volcanoes [wicked]   Sat Oct 25, 2014 1:28 pm

a tall handsome man in a dusty black coat with a red right hand

basil vaslek was always up for wreaking havoc.

with an expressionless face, he lowered himself onto the wooden bench of the courtyard. how long did it take to shower, put on some clothes and leave your damn cabin? baz tugged on the zipper of his leather jacket, trying to find something to occupy his hands. though he didn't look it, he was really looking forward to his trip to the city today. it meant he could get away from this godforsaken camp. baz was getting kind of fed up with the whole "you're the only hope for the future of camp and olympus" shit that chiron preached. couldn't the gods handle that shit themselves?

baz's blue irises scanned the courtyard for any sign of his friend. once again, nothing. they were supposed to be going to wal-mart for some "shenanigans", as his mother use to call it. his mom. his lips pursed as his eyelids slid slowly shut. how long had it been since her funeral? the anniversary was coming up, he thought anxiously. baz shook his head, trying to keep the thoughts away. today was supposed to be fun. he was going to let loose with his friend and be young. nervously this time, baz looked around the courtyard, catching sight of his buddy.

[sorry this is rly shitty]

( © HUNTER. )
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like young volcanoes [wicked]
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