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 moonlightmrn's character (edited)

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PostSubject: moonlightmrn's character (edited)   Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:58 pm

Name: Molly Brody


Birthday:Sept 9


God Parent:Hephaestus


Mortal Family: Heather Brody (mother)

Years in camp: 2 years

History: Molly was born in Scotland 2005 to the Brody family, her brother Chaim was 3 when she was born.She had a great life for the first 4 years of her life,her mother always kept her away from the monsters when they came, and Molly and Chaim worked hard with they're mother in the shop. But when they're little brother, David, was born the monsters attacked them more and more, by the week, till they were nearly impossible to keep away. After nights and days with no sleep, sometime during the night they're mother was killed, the children , Chaim being just 7, Molly being just 5 and David being only 1, were sent to the orphanage. The place had very little money to make the orphanage very livable, so the kids barely had enough to eat! Every day the orphanage lost money due to all the kids living there, until the children were made to work for their food. The children worked harsh jobs, that no1 else would take, until after 4 years working they decided the had to run away. One night they ran away, refusing to sleep until they found ... they didn't know where. Then one night they couldn't help it they fell asleep, the same night that they were attacked by monsters, the had no weapons so they tried to attack with their bare hands ... It didn't work, Molly was protecting David, who had been ingered when then monster did ... She didn't know to her leg she fell back and into some kind of half awake feint, though all she could here was some battle cry from ... Well not her brother. When she awoke she was at a infermory of some kind the other people were wearing orange shirts with camp half blood written on them, and they told Molly that she was in exactly there, and that her brothers were ok. But she was suprised and sad to find that she now had a artificial leg now. Molly was claimed while at the armory, after a few days in the camp.

Physical Appearance: Molly has straight, light brown hair, usually in a ponytail, that's always somewhat messy, she has big, deep brown eyes, and is a childishly round face. Her hands are always dirty, or covered with grease, as if she has no idea of what clean is. And Molly generally wheres a dirty over-sized camp half blood tee, grease-covered jeans, long working boots that reach her knees and cover her artificial leg, and a hoodie around her waist that has pockets on the inside, so even if it is tied around her waist she can put things in, she always has her weapon, and rabbit in her pockets

Personality: Molly is often very cheerful, but she gets is lost in her thoughts all the time, and more easily gettin out of her thoughts by a robot pet then a human.And sometimes she'll go away to the forest for hours, alone. She has a very childish personality, and she is wild and distracted often due to ADHD though.

Fatal Flaw:Molly's fatal flaw is that she is to reliant on having spare parts and tools to make a weapon, if needed, and if she got into a dangerous situation without her tools, or spare parts, she may not get out of it.

Pets: A small rabbit, named Owlett , that rides in Molly's pocket.

Talents: Molly is wonderful at engineering things, and has a great sense of direction that allows her to explore especially safe.

Weapons: A small home-made reprogramming device with a pocket for a tiny set of tools, along with lots of spare pieces. (Used to easily create a more effective weapon, if ever needed)

Year round or Summer: Year round

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PostSubject: Re: moonlightmrn's character (edited)   Tue Nov 04, 2014 7:49 pm

-------Molly Brody is,


Check your PMs for more information.----------

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PostSubject: Re: moonlightmrn's character (edited)   Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:39 pm

I edited it
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PostSubject: Re: moonlightmrn's character (edited)   

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moonlightmrn's character (edited)
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