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 SELI-chan's character [Accepted]

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PostSubject: SELI-chan's character [Accepted]   Tue Oct 14, 2014 8:18 pm

Name: River Foster

Age/Birthday: 13 (March 7th, 2001)

Gender identity: Cisgender female

Sexuality: Bisexual

God Parent: Hermes

Claimed: Yes

School clique type: Geek, outcast

Mortal Family: Mother is Cate Foster, a Firefly fan (hence the name River- which later turned out to be a 2-in-1 reference when Doctor Who came out with River Song)

Years in Camp: Second year

Brief History: She had a pretty relaxed life, up until age 12 when she came out that she was bisexual and was teased a lot for it. She didn't have dyslexia, unlike most demigods so she had trouble learning Ancient Greek. However, she had ADHD that proved to be a problem later in life. There was a lot of people saying that bi people didn't exist and that they were using bisexuality as an excuse to sleep with both genders, which made her mad. So mad, in fact, that she decided to take their student IDs and buy stuff. Lots of stuff. Food. Random junk from the student store. When she revealed that it was her at the end of elementary, she was kicked out. She started junior high when her mother decided that it was probably best if she went to Camp Half-Blood (for summers, at least- just for starters), as she was informed as to what might happen with monsters and the like.

Physical Appearance: Choppy longish hair which is a shade of brown, but no one knows which shade because she dyes it so often. She has messy sidebangs and brown eyes. She's only a daughter of Hermes, so she doesn't attract too much attention when she goes out to the hairstylist. She always wears jeans and an oversized fandom t-shirt and a red crossbody messenger purse thing in which she keeps everything she doesn't want stolen or lost. She's fully aware of her siblings and her famous ability to lose things instantly. She's not bone-skinny, but she's thinnish because of camp and swim team (both of which are required- if it was up to her, she'd be at home on the internet).

Personality: She loses things. Also is quite obsessive- a huge fangirl. At first, people thought she might be a daughter of Aphrodite because she shipped so many things with lots of zeal. She's also pretty good at getting away with stealing but is better at lying and covering up than the actual thievery. She forms strong bonds with friends, but she only has three people she can actually call her friends (aka halfway assholes who don't mind her fangirling and occasionally join in). She can be very insulting and weird to some. However, she befriends outcasts and shyer kids as she had bad experiences being one herself. She's a bookworm and an internet geek. Has several hundred followers on tumblr.

Fatal Flaw: Indecision

Pets: None

Talents: Lying, making excuses, basic acting, and basic thievery. Procrastination is a big one, as well. Losing things. Is good at debating.

Weapons: She's pretty damn awful at most things, but can handle a dagger okay. She can run away, though. Even if she's not in the best of shape, she's great at fleeing danger.

Year-Round or Summer: Starts out as summer but then decides that she likes it much better than school, so she starts going year-round.

Other: She loves TV shows. And is great at faking being in a fandom. She's picked up enough generic *stuff* about fandoms, so she can talk about lots of things. She also used to be really shy. Key point: used to. Also plays indie games because why not, but is awful at most games. She likes the shooty-platformer ones, though. Those are cool.

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PostSubject: Re: SELI-chan's character [Accepted]   Thu Oct 16, 2014 1:54 pm

river foster
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SELI-chan's character [Accepted]
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