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 A boring sunday evening...nah (my spn buddy, Wicked)

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PostSubject: A boring sunday evening...nah (my spn buddy, Wicked)   Tue Oct 14, 2014 6:32 pm

g e n e v i e v ellllm o r i nllll
d a u g h t e rllllo flllla p h r o d i t ellll

Genevieve could have done anything with her time that day. It was sunny, as always, the temperature was cool, and the trees were a blooming color of the end of day suns rather than their summer-time green. her eyes reflected the sunlight as she gazed from the from of her cabin, sporting a very light, and almost golden brown that afternoon. She sat on the tinted pink railing of the cabin's tiny porch, her legs dangling over the edge almost touching the bushes below. She gazed around the courtyard, making a point not to set her eyes anywhere near cabin 6, in fear she might make eye contact with the boy she knew was looming somewhere around camp that day.

It was a quiet afternoon. The weekend coming to a close meant that people were taking every chance they could to take advantage of the freedom left. Back to schedules on monday and Genevieve did not want to think about them at all. It was the last thing, actually. She could have really done with some late night activity, but on Sunday? Nothing ever went on. It was a lazy day.

So she sat, all hunched and not doing any favors to her back as she watched the busy--and the not so busy--campers, nymphs and satyrs. She wasn't really expecting to be accompanied by anyone else, so when the floorboards creaked and the cabin door's spring slammed the door shut, she almost fell off the railing, darting her head to the direction of her sibling that came out.
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PostSubject: Re: A boring sunday evening...nah (my spn buddy, Wicked)   Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:34 pm


Ty looked at himself in the floor length mirror in his room, checking any imperfections that he may have had on his body. The scars on his face had healed up most of the way, but the light pink lines that were taut against his white pallor stood out, making him look less than beautiful. Tiberius’ black hair had grown back and no longer was hard and stiff because of whatever had happened to him. He still didn’t have his memories back, and Tibs had grown used to the whiteness that surrounded his mind, blocking names and faces and events from knowledge. That wasn’t to say he was okay with it, because it drove the cabin leader crazy not being able to know everything about his own life, and he still spent many hours locked in his room and refusing to see anybody while he tried making sense of his non existent life. The mirror distorted his image a little, but it was still him. Black hair, eyes that changed with his mood, skinny and tall and lanky. He wore a white collared shirt with black suspenders and black pants, a being devoid of colour because he didn’t deserve it. 

Today was Sunday, a lazy day around camp. Ty usually worked all week, but considering he was barely able to function as was, decided to take the day off. He was planning on talking a walk in the forest because he liked the birds and the way the leaves looked when the sunlight hit them, like amber fire lighting up the bright blue sky in a blaze of autumn. Certainly he wasn’t dressed for it, but Tibs found out that more often than not his clothes consisted of formal clothing, and so unless there was prom here he’d never be dressed for the occasion. He put on his black shoes and walked out the door, expecting his cabin members to be gossiping about the weird cabin leader that they had or painting each others nails in the dorm rooms. Around the Aphrodite cabin, and much to Tiberius’ dismay, gossip travelled like wildfire, and most of it was about him. About how he ran the cabin, about how he was so distant from everything, about how he talked. Those words hurt, but he never let it get to him. 

However instead of the light pink porch being empty there was a girl there, and she was quiet startled. Tiberius bent down and helped her regain her balance even though she wasn’t going to fall off. He was such a gentleman. “Apologies,” He said, smiling shyly. “I should have looked where I was going.” After he’d helped her even though she really didn’t need it, Tibs sat down by his sibling, his posture perfect and erect, hands clasped together calmly and his face devoid of any emotion, as per was the Winter’s rule. Ty turned to her, his head the only thing about his body that was moving. “You’re posture’s atrocious, by the way.”

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A boring sunday evening...nah (my spn buddy, Wicked)
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