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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 ::Ellie Rose Mills::

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Ellie Rose Mills


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PostSubject: ::Ellie Rose Mills::   Tue Oct 14, 2014 11:00 am

::Ellie Rose Mills::
Ellie Rose Mills

12 || December 14th


God Parent:


Mortal Family:
Sophie Mills (Mother); Jonathan Klezmer (Stepfather)

Years in Camp:

Brief History:
Apollo met Sophie Mills at band practice.  She was an outspoken woman who loved heavy metal music.  After a few practices, they started dating, and Sophie was found to be pregnant with Apollo's baby.  They were excited to be welcoming a new kid, but Apollo had to leave before the child was born.  

Ellie Rose Mills was born to Sophie Mills on December 14th, 2002.  She was an easygoing kid, and had a good relationship with her mother.  Her stepfather, however, was a different story.  He hated Ellie, he never beat her, though, because she was "not worth his effort."  He would belittle her and tell her she was worthless and fat and ugly. Her mother knew about this, but knew that if she divorced Jonathan, he would kill her and Ellie, so she just told her daughter to stay strong.  

Ellie was smart, but she had ADHD and dyslexia, causing her to struggle in school.  It took a while for her to make friends, and she spent a lot of time practicing her intruments and helping the nurse.  She was an okay kid, but she struggled massively.  Her lack of friends troubled her teachers and parents, they told her to talk to people, but she refused, saying that if they wanted to talk, they would come to her.

No one knew, at the time, that she was a half blood, they just knew that she was talented.  One day, a Satyr named Oliver came to take her to camp.  On the way there, he was killed by the Chimera.  Ellie was diagnosed with PTSD.  She is recovering, but still has panic attacks and nightmares.  She is thriving at camp, and hopes to make a lot of friends.

Physical Appearance:
Ellie is small for her age, standing at 4 foot 6 and weighing 77 pounds.  She has brown hair and light green eyes.  As you may be able to tell, she is very thin, and has fair skin.  Freckles dapple her nose and cheeks, giving her a more "natural" appearance.

Ellie, like her father, is diverse.  She is an introvert and nearly mute at first, but will talk once she is comfortable.  How she treats you depends on how you treat her,
treat her nicely, she will treat you nicely, if you are a crappy person, she will let you know, and treat you coldly.  Overall, she is kind and caring, as long as you are the same to her.

Fatal Flaw:
Fatal Loyalty

A baby hedgehog named Keegan

Making a light in her hands.  It can cause a second-degree burn but other than that, it is just a light.  It severely drains her of energy to the point where, after eight uses, she passes out.

Singing, playing instruments, and archery

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PostSubject: Re: ::Ellie Rose Mills::   Tue Oct 14, 2014 2:15 pm

-------Ellie Mills is,


Great job!----------

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::Ellie Rose Mills::
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