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 in the vegas lights \\ aphrodtie cabin party

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PostSubject: in the vegas lights \ aphrodtie cabin party   Sun Oct 12, 2014 7:03 pm


Tiberius stood in front of the living room, smiling placidly at his work. Over the few weeks that he had forgotten who he was, forgotten his memories, he’d learnt a couple of things. First, around here you didn’t ask questions, you kept your head down and you didn’t draw attention to yourself. Secondly, he was the cabin leader of the Aphrodite cabin. He was confused at that until he figured out that basically he was playing big brother to more than four kids, and so it really wasn’t hard for him to conform to a pattern and stick with it. For a couple of weeks he was locked away in his room, looking at the same photograph of the strange blonde girl whom he loathed, trying to figure out who she was and why she was there the day everything went wrong. 

But he felt detached from the rest of his siblings. Well, more than usual anyways, and he knew it was his fault. So tonight he had decided to throw them a surprise party in their cabin. He had moved all the furniture to the edge of the walls so that they had room to stand and mingle and dance. There were lights on the ceiling that Tiberius had managed to put up without burning the plaster to badly. However, his fingers were raw and sore and tingling with heat. It was a formal party, because that was the only thing Ty knew how to throw. Every one of his siblings was going to be dressed nicely and it would be perfect. The cabin had been off limits since they all got up because Tibs wanted them to be surprised at the work he had done. Now he had the door open and was ready to let his siblings come in and enjoy themselves.

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in the vegas lights \\ aphrodtie cabin party
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