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 finn and ash read stuff and be friends [maeve bby]

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PostSubject: finn and ash read stuff and be friends [maeve bby]   Fri Oct 10, 2014 10:21 pm

ashley penn

ash dragged her moccasin-clothed feet across the hardwood. she'd been up terribly late the night before, studying for her online courses. purple bags under her eyes served as proof, along with the extra large coffee she drove into the city for. ash took a big gulp from her pumpkin spice latte and collapsed into a recliner. she set her coffee down next to her and opened her book. her eyes scanned the pages of the book that was far too old, with yellowing paper and a cracking spine. whenever ash read a book she focused all her attention on it. despite her adhd and dyslexia, she's able to delve deeply into the story, uninterrupted. except for today. today was different. ash looked nervously around the room, most likely from the caffiene, taking time to observe each and every person. there weren't many here, just like normal. someone caught her eye though, a boy who looked a bit older than her. he was so enchanted by his book, his facial expressions were priceless. ash shimmied out of her chair, picking up her coffee and book, and took a seat next to the boy. "whatcha readin'" ash smiled up at him, quirking an eyebrow.


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finn and ash read stuff and be friends [maeve bby]
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